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City Hall

City of Northville Municipal Building sign. Click here for more information on City hallCity Hall, located at 215 W. Main Street, is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 4:30pm. Phone 248-349-1300. The front vestibule is open 24 hours a day and contains many helpful publications and postings. The Police Department is also open 24 hours a day. (Please note that the Police business office closes at 4:00pm.) The Police non-emergency number is 248-349-1234.  Click here for more information on City Hall.

Property Transfer Affidavits

Property transfer affidavits may be filed at the Treasurer’s office during regular business hours. Click here for more information on Property Transfer Affidavits.

Overnight Parking Prohibited

Overnight parking on the City streets or in any City parking lot is prohibited between the hours of 3:00am - 6:00am.

Contact Police non-emergency at 248-349-1234 for more information. Click here for more information.

TopTrash Pick Up

Trash/recyclables/yard waste should be at the curb no later than 7:00am of your regular trash pickup day.

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Monday - residents North of Eight Mile Road
Tuesday - residents South of Eight Mile Road

Recycling bins are available for purchase at City Hall.  The current fee can be found in the Fee Schedule.

For more information about what can and cannot be placed at the curb, contact the Department of Public Works at 248-449-9930.  Click here for more information on the Solid Waste ProgramClick here for more information on Recycling.

All dogs aged 4 months or older are required by City Ordinance to be licensed.Dog Licenses

All dogs aged 4 months or older are required by City Ordinance to be licensed. Click here for more information on dog licenses.

 Dog License Application



  RideShare Flyer

Visit the SEMCOG website for more information about RideShare.

RideShare is a free carpool and vanpool matching service of SEMCOG (the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) that links commuters traveling into or within Southeast Michigan for work. With gasoline prices reaching historical highs and an increasing amount of pain at the pump on everyone’s mind, RideShare is here to assist commuters change their daily travel behavior. Instead of driving alone to work, employees can carpool, vanpool, take public transportation, bicycle, walk, or telecommute to conserve fuel and thus save money.



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Skywarn Storm Spotter Training Schedule

 The City of Northville, Northville DDA, Northville Parks and Recreation Department, City of Novi, Charter Township of Northville, Hines Park (Wayne County Parks) and Maybury Park (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) collaboratively embarked on the development of a physical connection between Hines and Maybury called “The Link”.

Developing a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding program to assist users in navigating “The Link” was paramount. An informative and visible signage system for the existing connection was developed and set a precedent for growth of a signed network in the area as routes are identified. Click here for a map and more information about “The Link”.

Election Results

Is My Property in the City of Northville?  If you are not sure whether the property you are looking up is in the City of Northville, see the Property by Street Address page. 

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson launched an informational page where residents can learn firsthand about the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). Go to and click on the Great Lakes Water Authority link.

Online Payments Now Accepted for Utility Bills and Taxes - More Info

Title VI
Non-Discrimination Plan

eBill for Utility Billing
Bills by email are now available to all utility billing customers.
Click here to sign up.

Automatic Payment (ACH) for Taxes & Utility Billing
The City offers Automatic Payment for Utility Billing.
Click here to sign up.
The City offers Automatic Payment for Taxes.
Click here to sign up.

Roundabout IconHow to Drive a Roundabout
Visit the State of Michigan website for helpful information on Roundabouts.