Reference Desk Include

City Policies

The following polices are available in .pdf format.  Make a selection below

 Banner Policy

 Charitable Organization Solicitation Policy

 City Entrance Sign Use Policy and Program (Welcome to Northville Sign)

 Dining Platform Policy and Guidelines
         Commercial Design Standards for Platform Dining

 Ford Field Rental Policy

 Park and Open Space Naming Policy
         Park and Open Space Naming Application

Snow Removal Policy (This is not a policy adopted by City Council, but is the procedure followed by the Department of Public Works.)

 Social Media Policy

 Special Events Policy
         Special Events Application
         Special Event Insurance Requirement Fact Sheet

 Town Square Use Policy

City of Northville FOIA Policy

City of Northville Freedom of Information Act Policy
City of Northville Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

City of Northville FOIA Forms

FOIA Request Form
Detailed Itemization of Fees Form
Appeal Denial of Record Form
Appeal Excessive FOIA Fee Form