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City Hall
215 W. Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
Main Number: 248-349-1300

If you cannot locate the person or department with whom you wish to speak, you may dial 349-1300 to access the main switchboard for additional assistance, or complete the form at the bottom of this page.
All addresses are in Northville, Michigan 48167 unless otherwise noted.

Departmental Listing
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Departmental Listing

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Allen Terrace/Housing Commission Click here for more information on Allen Terrace/Housing. 401 High St. 248-349-8030 248-349-0259
Art House   215 W. Cady Street 248-344-0497  
Building Department Click here for more information on the Building Department. 215 W. Main 248-449-9902 248-349-9244
Cemeteries Click here for more information on Cemeteries.   248-305-2702 248-449-9953
City Clerk Click here for more information on the City Clerk. 215 W. Main 248-349-1300 248-349-9244
City Hall   215 W. Main 248-349-1300 248-349-9244
City Manager Click here for more information on the City Manager. 215 W. Main 248-449-9905 248-349-9244
Downtown Development Authority Click here to link to the Downtown Northville website. 215 W. Main 248-349-0345 248-305-9049
Finance Department Click here for more information on the Finance Department 215 W. Main 248-449-9907 248-449-9953
Fire Department
    248-449-9919 248-449-9960
Fire Department - Chief Click here for more information on the Fire Department. 215 W. Main 248-449-9920 248-449-9960
Parks and Recreation   700 W. Baseline 248-349-0203 248-380-8611
Police Department - Administration
Click here for more information on the Police Department. 215 W. Main 248-349-5100
x: 1981
Police Records Click here for more information on the Police Department.      
Police Dispatch     248-349-1234  
Public Works Click here for more information on the Public Works Department. 215 W. Main 248-449-9930 248-349-9244
Senior Services   303 W. Main
(Northville Community Center)
248-349-4140 248-348-5275
Tax and Assessing Department Click here for more information on the Tax and Assessing Department. 215 W. Main 248-449-9901 248-449-9953
Youth Assistance Click here for more information on Youth Assistance. 303 W. Main St.
(Northville Community Center)
248-344-1618 248-344-8806


TopContact Listing

The links in the Contact Listing are email links.

Department Contact Title

Direct Phone No.

City Hall Main #




Allen Terrace / Housing Commission

Sherry Necelis




Barbara Ziemba

Administrative Assistant


Kevin Parks

Maintenance Manager

Art House General Information   248-344-0497
  Art House Office    
  Art House Store    
  Art House Exhibits    
  Art in the Sun    


Craig Strong

Chief Building Official


Shari Allen



  James Allen Cemetery Sexton 248-305-2702

City Clerk

Dianne Massa

City Clerk


  Absentee Ballot Application Requests  


Switchboard Operator



City Manager

Patrick Sullivan

City Manager



Michelle Nabozny

Executive Secretary


Downtown Development Authority

Lori Ward



Kate Knight/Christa Williams

Administrative Assistant



Sandi Wiktorowski

Finance Director/Treasurer



Melissa Wyman

Accounting Supervisor/HR Specialist


  Nancy Piwowar Accountant 248-449-9915
  Gloria Bell Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, & Utility Billing 248-449-9901


Stephen J. Ott

Fire Chief


Mill Race Village 248-348-1845

Parks & Recreation

Jason D. Spiller



Jason Nezich

Assistant Director

248-349-0203 x2878

Charlie Gabbeart

Softball Coordinator


Pat Brown

Recreation Superintendent


  Suzie Johnson Senior Services Specialist 248-349-0203 x2852

Josie Conder

Clerk (Facility Rental)

248-349-0203 x2731
  Sue Jostes Volleyball Coordinator 248-349-0203 x2874
  Lindsey Butzin Marketing and Program Specialist 248-349-0203 x2872
  Stacy Sloan Fitness & Tennis Coordinator 248-349-0203 x2880
  Chris Haas Transportation/Senior Coordinator 248-349-0203 x9934
  Andrea Meador Aquatic Coordinator 248-349-0203 x2873
  Amanda Asher Special Events / Program Coordinator 248-349-0203 x2876
  KR Terrian Lacrosse Coordinator 248-449-9948
  Keith Dutkiewicz Youth & Adult Basketball Coordinator 248-349-0203 x2877


Michael Carlson









Public Works / Utility Billing

James Gallogly



Steve Heidt

Assistant Director


  Gloria Bell Utility Billing Clerk 248-449-9901

DPW Clerk



Senior Services

Suzie Johnson

Senior and Adult Enrichment Coordinator 248-305-2852
 Heidi Russell Transportation Coordinator


Tax & Assessing Karolynn Pargo Assessor 248-305-2704


Gloria Bell          Clerk



Youth Assistance

Sue Campbell




TopFrequently Used Phone Numbers

Department/Company Other Information


Ameritech emergency repair 313-221-2121
sales and service 800-244-4444
Arts Commission 248-449-9950
Cable Services WideOpen West 800-848-2278
Comcast 734-459-7300
  AT&T 800-288-2020
  DIRECTV 877-916-5137
Central Business District Association 248-347-0807
Chamber of Commerce 195 S. Main 248-349-7640
Cider Mill See Parmenter's 248-349-3181
Civic Concern 248-344-1033
Community Foundation 248-374-0200
Compost Facility at 5 Mile & Napier 248-349-4058
Consumers Energy 800-477-5050
Co-op Preschool 248-348-1791
Detroit Edison 800-477-4747
Detroit Free Press/News home delivery 313-222-6500
Detroit Water and Sewer 313-267-7401
District Court, 35th 660 Plymouth Road, Plymouth 734-459-4740
Downtown Development Authority 248-349-0345
EMERGENCY Medical - Fire - Police 9 1 1
Garbage see Waste Management  
Hazardous Waste Environmental Quality Co. 734-699-6229
Historical Society at Mill Race Village 248-348-1845
Housing & Urban Development (HUD) 313-226-7900
Landfill 6 Mile & Napier 248-349-7230
Library 212 W. Cady 248-349-3020
Maybury State Park 248-349-8390
Mill Race Village 215 Griswold 248-348-1845
Northville Record   248-437-2011
Oakland County Birth/Death Records 248-858-0571
Marriage License Bureau 248-858-0571
Health Department 248-858-1280
Parks 248-858-0906
Probate Court 248-858-1000
Parks and Recreation 700 W. Baseline 248-349-0203
Parmenter's Cider Mill 714 Baseline 248-349-3181
Poison Control 800-764-7661
Police Non-Emergency 248-349-5100
Post Office 200 S. Wing  248-349-2062
Probate Court 2 Woodward Avenue, 
Room 1201, Detroit
Public Schools 501 W. Main 248-349-3400
Public Works 215 W. Main 248-449-9930
Secretary of State 31167 Beck Road, Novi 888-767-6424
Senior Adult Services 303 W. Main Street 248-349-4140
Township Offices 248-348-5800
Building Dept. 248-349-5830
Fire 248-348-5807
Police 248-349-9400
Water/Sewer/Garbage 248-348-5820
Waste Management Trash/Garbage 800-796-9696
Wayne County Birth/Death Records 313-224-5535
Marriage License Bureau 313-224-5514
Health Department 734-727-7000
Parks 734-261-1990
Probate Court 248-348-7879
Youth Assistance 303 W. Main St.
(Northville Community Center)

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