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Are there still lots available in the cemetery?

Yes. There are lots available for sale.

What is the cost of lots?

Please click here for the fee schedule.

How and where do I go to purchase a lot?

To purchase grave site contact city hall at 248-305-2702.

What types of memorials are allowed?

Rural Hill Cemetery is a traditional cemetery that allows upright memorials.

Who maintains the cemetery?

Rural Hill is owned by the City of Northville and is maintained by the public works department.

What are the rules and regulations for planting and placing things at a gravesite?

Read the Rules and Regulations here.

What are the hours of the cemetery?

The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.

Where can I obtain burial information about previous internments at the cemetery?

To obtain information of previous burials contact City Hall at 248-305-2702.

Does the cemetery have column burial sites for cremations?

Not at the present time. There are plans for this in the future.

How many cremations can be put in a standard grave?

Up to four cremations are permitted in a standard grave with all the names to be placed on one memorial.


TopCity Manager's Office

How do I go about speaking to City Council?

Citizens may address City Council, without prior notification, during the "Citizen Comments" portion of the Council meetings. Topics are limited to five minutes of discussion. However, problems requiring investigation and action are best served by written notification to the City Manager at least one week prior to the City Council meeting.

I would like to speak with the City Manager. Do I need an appointment?

The City Manager has an open door policy regarding receiving citizens. No appointment is necessary. It is best, however, to call and schedule an appointment for your convenience.



What day is my trash day?

Residents north of Eight Mile Road have their trash collected on Monday.
Residents south of Eight Mile Road have their trash collected on Tuesday.

Is my trash day delayed due to holidays?

If a major holiday falls on a Monday, residents north of Eight Mile Road will have their trash collected on Tuesday and residents south of Eight Mile Road will have their trash collected on Wednesday.

If a major holiday falls on a Tuesday, residents north of Eight Mile Road will have their trash collected on Monday (typical Monday collection); however, residents south of Eight Mile Road will have their trash collected on Wednesday.

Major Holidays include: January 1st, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

How do I schedule a final reading?

When moving from a house or apartment, water customers are asked to contact the Department of Public Works by calling 248-449-9930 to schedule a final water meter reading.

Do I live in the City of Northville?

See below under Residency.

Does the City have a recycling center?

The City no longer operates a public recycling center.  All items to be disposed of may be put out through normal curbside pickup. Questions about curbside recycling can be directed to Waste Management at 800-796-9696, or residents can call the local landfill at Six Mile & Napier Roads at 888-443-1717.

 Read about recycling by clicking here.

Does the City offer wood chips and leaf mulch to its residents?

Yes. From tree trimming operations and the Fall leaf collection program the City has a substantial amount of wood chips and leaf mulch to offer residents and non-residents alike. Both the wood chips and the leaf mulch are free, but be prepared to load and fill your own containers. This material is located across from the recycling center at the "City Yards" facility located at 650 Doheny Drive. City Yards is open between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. weekdays.

Who is responsible for City sidewalk repairs?

Normally the City is responsible for repair of imperfections in the City sidewalk. If residents see and wish to report dangerous sidewalks due to tree roots, concrete settlement, or concrete cracking, please contact the Department of Public Works at 248-449-9930.

The City can spend only a limited amount of money on sidewalk repairs/replacements and approved the annual budgets. To temporarily patch the damaged walk, asphalt will be placed to minimize the hazard. When funding is secured the sidewalk will be replaced as part of an annual sidewalk replacement program.

If residents driving over sidewalk with construction equipment damage the sidewalk, the resident will be expected to pay the replacement cost.

Who is responsible for City trees?

The trees found in the grassy area between the street and City sidewalk are City owned trees. The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining, trimming, and if necessary, removing these trees.

What is the Fall Leaf Collection Program all about?

Every year the Department of Public Works mobilizes to collect leaves from City streets. Each year a schedule is prepared and sent to residents advising them as to when this special collection will occur in their neighborhood. For the leaf collection schedule, click here.

How do we dispose of refrigerators and other Freon bearing appliances?

Freon bearing appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers are collected by the City on your regularly scheduled trash collection day. However, to pay for the removal of Freon, which is required by law, residents must first purchase a sticker from City Hall and place it on the discarded appliance. These stickers will cost $35.

For the safety of our children, residents are asked to remove the doors of refrigerators and freezers before they are placed at the curb.

How do we dispose of other large items?

Read about disposing of large items here.

How do we dispose of building materials?

With so many hazardous materials found in building materials, the City will not accept building materials at the curb. Residents are asked to make sure their contractors properly dispose of all building materials and construction debris as part of their project.

How do I dispose of carpeting?

Read about disposing of carpeting here.

When does the City collect compost?

Read about the Residential Compost Collection Program here.

The downtown area has benches, trees, and tree guards dedicated to people and organizations in Northville. How can I get a tree or bench dedicated?

To help fund downtown improvements under the City’s "Mainstreet 78" project the City dedicated certain amenities such as trees, benches, and tree guards for a financial contribution. Currently all trees, tree guards, and benches have been dedicated in the downtown area.

I received a letter from the Post Office telling me they cannot reach my mailbox. Will the Department of Public Works clear in front of my mailbox.

The Department of Public Works does not offer this type of personal service. As a part of snow plowing, City crews push snow to the side of the road; therefore, snow is deposited in front of mailboxes and driveways. This is a reality of snow plowing. Our crews drive large plow trucks and are instructed not to give special attention to driveways and mailbox areas.

When clearing the snow out of your driveway and from in front of your mailbox, please do not throw the snow back into the street. This is a violation of City ordinances and may create an unsafe hazard to the motoring public. Thank you for your cooperation.

I have signed up for ACH (Automated Clearing House) and have received a final utility bill.  Will my payment be automatically deducted from my bank account?

No.  All final bills must be remitted to the City by the bill due date.  ACH payments do not apply to final bills.


TopFire Department

Are you hiring?

We are accepting applications for paid on call Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.

Is this a full time department?

The Department is staffed with paid-on-call personnel.

What qualifications do you need?

Applicants for Firefighter positions must have passed Michigan Firefighter I or II training, and must have successfully completed the Western Wayne written and agility tests. Applicants for EMS positions must hold current, valid Michigan licensure at the Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic level.

Do you have station tours?

Yes. For tours of Station 1 (Northville), please call 248-449-9920 for more information. For tours of Station 2 (Plymouth), please call 734-453-1234 ext. 281 for more information.


TopTax and Assessing

How do I find my tax/assessing information on this site?

You can click on services at the top of this screen, click on tax and assessing to the left, and lastly click on tax and assessing data lookup at the top of the screen.  Or you may click on this link


TopFront Office

What are the City Hall business hours?

City Hall is open daily Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Please see the calendar for holiday closings.

A 24-hour drop box is available in the lobby of the Municipal Building. Click here for more information on drop boxes.

How do I get to City Hall?

Direction to City Hall are in the Reference Desk section of our website. Click here to go to the "Directions to City Hall" page in that section.

How do I register to vote?

Please visit the Services/Clerk section of our website for more information on Voter Registration.

My trash/recycling/yard waste wasn’t picked up. How can I get that done?

You must contact the Department of Public Works at 248-449-9930 by 10 a.m. after the day of your regularly scheduled pick up in order to report that your trash, recycling, or yard waste was not picked up.

How do I pay for a parking ticket?

Click here to go to the Parking Violations page in the Services/Police section of our website for more information on parking violations.  If you would like to plead "not responsible", contact the 35th District Court at 734-459-4740 to arrange for information about a hearing before a Judge or Magistrate.

How do I license my dog?

Visit the Services/Clerk section of our website for more information on Dog Licenses.

How do I contact City Councilmembers? Commission members?

To contact the Mayor and/or Councilmembers, you can submit a Contact Form from our website.

The Government section of our website has a comprehensive list of Board and Commission members.

Who are my government representatives?

The Government section of our website lists your State, County and Federal officials.

How do I get information about the Northville Community Center?

Check out complete information on Senior Services at the Parks and Recreation website.

How do I get information about Parks and Recreation?

Parks and Recreation information, including Youth and Adult Athletics, Senior Services, Employment Opportunities, Instructional Classes, etc. is available in the Services/Parks and Recreation section of our website.

How do I get information about the Northville Public Schools?

Visit the Northville Public Schools website for more information.

What is the phone number for the post office?  What is the phone number for the Secretary of State branch office?

You can reach the Post Office at 248-349-0300.  The Secretary of State branch office can be reached at 734-462-0115.  Be sure to check out our list of Frequently Used Phone Numbers in the Reference Desk section of our website.

Where can I find a schedule of community events?

Visit the Calendar page in our website, or visit the Chamber of Commerce website.


TopHousing/Allen Terrace

Please visit the Allen Terrace website for more information.



Do I live in the City of Northville?

Many residents living in Northville Township, within the Northville School District, or with a Northville mailing address believe they live in the City of Northville. If you are unsure as to which community you live in simply check your tax bill, or contact City Hall at 248-349-1300 and we will assist you in determining which governmental entity you live in.

Click here to look up the City of Northville properties/residency by Street Name.

TopNorthville Youth Assistance

Northville Youth Assistance is a volunteer-supported organization that provides social services to youths and their families. The program offers professional counseling, as well as the opportunity for a youth to establish a supportive relationship with a trained volunteer mentor. The purpose of the program is to mentor youths so that they may become mature, responsible adults. In doing this we are strengthening the community and family life.

How do I become a mentor?

All volunteers are carefully screened and interviewed before acceptance into the program. Each volunteer receives 10 hours of training before being assigned to a youth. To schedule an interview, interested persons should call the NYA office at 248-344-1618.

Do I need any special qualifications to become a mentor?

The most important qualification is a sincere desire to help a youth in the community. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old. Northville Youth Assistance screens all volunteers through an interview and reference process and checks for criminal convictions.

How much time would I spend with a youth?

Mentors spend one to two hours per week with their assigned youths for a period of at least one year.

What sorts of activities do mentors and youths participate in?

Youths and mentors enjoy attending sporting events, libraries, museums, parks and school functions. Other activities can take place in the home, such as cooking, crafts, and just talking.

How do I refer a youth?

Youths can be referred by schools, law enforcement agencies or by any concerned adult by calling the NYA office at 248-344-1618.

What are some of the other programs offered by Northville Youth Assistance?

Northville Youth Assistance offers the following services to youths who reside in the City of Northville, the Charter Township of Northville, and the Northville Public School District at no charge:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Professional counseling with a licensed social worker
  • Summer camp scholarships for needy students
  • Diversion from the court system for first-time youth offenders
  • PILLAR Program for incoming freshmen at Northville High School
  • CAMP Program for incoming sixth graders at Hillside and Meads Mill
  • Anger management, decision making and drug and alcohol education for children and teens