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City acquires new radar units for police cars and digital displays for streets

Digital Radar DisplayThe Northville Police Department has purchased a portable radar sign that can be mounted to traffic sign posts that displays the speed at which vehicles are driving. The Department also received approval by the City Council at its July 20 meeting to purchase six new radar units for police cars to replace older radar units that were failing.

Radar - used on road signs and in police cars - is an important tool used by police to monitor a vehicle's speed. The post-mounted radar units displays the vehicle's speed as it approaches the sign. It has light sensors that blink rapidly as a warning to drivers when they are traveling over the posted speed. It can also flash a message, such as "Slow down."

No tickets will be issued based solely on the use of the radar sign, and it is not equipped with a camera, but it is effective in getting drivers to follow the posted speed limit.

The new post-mounted radar unit can also take traffic surveys, including top speed, average speed, and number of vehicles that pass the sign. This unit replaces an old trailer-mounted radar that had to be parked along the roadside.

Digital Radar Display"The old radar trailer was more time-consuming to deploy, less portable and was failing," said Cpt. Dustin Krueger, of the Northville Police Department.

"We believe we'll get positive feedback from the residents," said Cpt. Krueger. "Our traffic volume has increased greatly because of the 275 southbound closure. The radar sign was used on Randolph, but it will be moved around. This gives us another tool to respond to residents' complaints about speeding."

The new radar units for police cars are Kustom Signals Golden Eagle II and have all the options of current radars but with newer technology. The six existing radar units, when replaced, will be sold at auction. The old radars were no longer under warranty and were starting to fail.

The total cost for all six radars and installation is $10,974. The cost of the post-mounted radar is $2,067. Depending on its success, additional post-mounted radar signs may be purchased in the future.


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