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Gazebo garden spot draws visitors in for a break

Julie Herrin, Library Director
The site of the former artisan well at Northville Road, north of 7 Mile, serves as a gateway to the city and is now flourishing thanks to an appealing landscape design and a labor of love by volunteer gardeners.

Diane Pittaway, chair of the Beautification Commission, prepared a design for Rotary Park in 2012. Volunteers from Rotary Club of Northville and the Beautification Commission planted the flowers, trees and shrubs, and continue to maintain the site. There is a flagstone walk leading to the gazebo, and hostas and roses around it. Three fir trees add texture and color, and provide a focal point during the winter.

Rotary sponsored the historical marker that tells of the time when trains that traveled on the hill above the site would stop so passengers could get water from the artisan well. Although the well was replaced years ago with a drinking fountain that draws from city water, the area still provides a pleasant place to stop and relax amid natural surroundings.

Julie Herrin, Library Director
Visitors often stop here…taking time to relax and commune with nature.
“That is the most inviting thing for a city to have people just stopping by an area to sit for a while and enjoy the surroundings. People are drawn to this site and are actively using the space,” Pittaway said.










Julie Herrin, Library Director
Rotary Club of Northville President Patrick Giesa met with Diane Pittaway at Rotary Park to discuss fall maintenance.

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