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City Council Update

Council Meeting
Highlights from the City Council meeting on Nov. 7, 2016

Lexington condo residents report dog attack – Several residents took a grievance to City Council about a dog that attacked an 80-year-old woman and left scratches while she was in the commons area of the complex. Charges against the dog owner had been dismissed in court recently, since the incident occurred on private property. The City Council said it will review the court transcript and determine whether the verdict should be appealed. The council also asked the city manager to see if such dog attacks are adequately addressed in the city ordinance.

Easement approved at cell phone tower - City Council approved an easement at 600 Baseline Road behind Hillside Middle School to power a back-up generator with natural gas, pending city attorney review. T-Mobile will pay for the gas line since they are requesting it from Consumer’s Energy to provide back-up power to their transmitter on the water tower.

Crosswalk on North Center and Lake streets – Public Works Manager Jim Gallogly reported that the bid from Nagel Paving for a crosswalk came in higher than budgeted, so the City Council approved a plan for the manager to obtain more bids and install the crosswalk in the spring rather than this fall.

Sign ordinance waiver sought – Downtown Development Authority Director Lori Ward asked the council to approve a waiver for a permanent sign for Comerica Community Connection to be erected over the public walkway on Main Street, leading to the parking lot behind it. The sign exceeds the square foot maximum and is higher than 14 feet off the ground. Council approved the waiver for the sign, which will replace a temporary banner in that location. It will be installed in the spring.

Policies and procedures online directory for Police Department – Police Chief Mike Carlson presented a request to use the services of Lexipol, a risk management resource provider for police, fire, and corrections. Lexipol’s service is a tool to assist in developing legally defensible, state-law specific policy content, and provides daily training and tracking to those policies. The service is web based, so training and access to policy content can be called up by computer at the station or on a smart phone in the field. City Council approved the cost of $13,020 with an annual subscription service rate of $6,500 in 2016.

Bus lease agreement – Parks and Rec Director Mark Gasche presented a plan to obtain four new buses from SMART at no charge to provide scheduled transportation within the city and township to seniors age 60 and older or any person with a disability. They would also transport seniors on planned outings up to 75 miles from Northville. The new buses will replace two older buses this year and add two more replacement buses in 2017. The City of Northville will continue to pay for the bus drivers and gas.

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