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Read about Election Day in Northville

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Election Day 2016 on Tuesday, Nov. 8 started with a misty rain as hundreds of voters stood in line at both precincts in Northville to cast their ballots. There was a steady flow of voters throughout the day, with the majority coming, as expected, in the early morning and evening hours.

In Precinct 1, of 2,369 registered voters, 1,174 voted at the polls and 695 cast absent voter ballots for a total of 1,869 competed ballots. Voter turnout was nearly 79 percent. See unofficial results here.

In Precinct 2, of 2,676 registered voters, 2,161 ballots were cast: 1,419 at the precinct and 742 by absent voter ballot. Voter turnout was nearly 81 percent. This precinct has approximately 300 more registered voters than precinct 1. See unofficial results here.

Results are not yet recorded as official until they are canvassed by the county and state, and certified as official, which takes approximately 30 days after a presidential election.

Total votes by absent voter ballot (AVB) were 1,437 – about 80 less than the presidential election of 2012. The clerk had issued 1,488 AVBs, so that was a 97 percent return. In 2012, 1576 AVBs were issued.

“Overall voting was consistent with the presidential election of 2012. The poll workers did a phenomenal job. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do this,” said City Clerk Dianne Massa.

Precinct Chairperson Alyse Hydel managed a busy polling place in precinct 2, as did her counterpart Jan Paver in precinct 1. Prior to opening the polls at the Community Center (Precinct 1), there were nearly 200 people in line. From 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., 250 voters had passed through the line to vote. There was an equally long line when the polls opened at Precinct 1.

Precinct 1 Election Inspector Sally Keys said, “It’s very encouraging to be getting a good turnout.”

Voters appeared to be in a good mood and many greeted friends and neighbors in line and those working at the precinct. Often, children sat in chairs along the wall to watch the action as their parents voted, while babies and toddlers in strollers went with their parents to tables or high tops to mark their ballots.

The outcome of a presidential election can vary greatly by voter turnout. Voters in Northville who went to the polls seemed happy to be exercising their right to vote. Based on the high percentage of returned absent voter ballots, those voters also took their right seriously. Approximately 1,000 registered voters in Northville chose not to vote in this election.



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