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Winter snow – keeping Northville’s roads clear for safe driving

Northville Snow Plow
When the weather reports warn of winter storms and icy conditions, the Department of Public Works is ready. It deploys the services of eight city employees and snow plowing services to remove snow and lessen the effects of ice on 6.5 miles of major streets, 18 miles of local streets and several alleys.

The Wayne/Oakland County Road Commissions are responsible for clearing snow and ice from major county roads, which include Eight Mile, Seven Mile, Novi Road, South Main Street and North Griswold.

Streets are cleared in the following order:

  1. Major streets, such as Main, Center, Randolph and Taft Road
  2. Local residential streets with steep grades and sharp curves
  3. Remainder of residential streets, parking lots and courts
  4. Alley ways and cemetery roads

Of these roads, 1 and 2 will be plowed to the pavement, and salted if needed, within 24 hours of a snow or ice event.

The city operates three large plow trucks and several pick-up trucks with plows. Parking lot plowing is a contracted service that is done on the midnight shift because it’s easier when there are no cars in the lot.

Residents and businesses are required to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow/ice event. It is unlawful to shovel or blow snow into any roadway.

Response time is generally fast, but major storms can slow down the plowing service. If you find yourself snowed in, appreciate the fact that Northville is a walkable town and you can get most of the essential items you may need during a storm right in downtown Northville.

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