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City Council Update

Council Meeting
Highlights from the City Council meeting on Dec. 22, 2016

Citizens’ comments – A homeowner requested the removal of asphalt or regrading of an alley (city-owned property) that was privately paved near homes on Carpenter and Grace, south of Baseline Rd. The City will require that the two homeowners who contracted for the alley’s paving obtain a professional review of the roadwork that documents issues involving drainage and speeding.

Liquor license transfer - Brown Dog Creamery, a small-batch ice cream dessert bar, was granted a Class C liquor license to serve carry-out beer and wine and also have a defined dine-in area that serves alcohol-infused desserts and ice-cream drinks.

2017 Street Improvement Program – City Council asked for further review of the seven bids submitted by engineering firms for designing and providing oversight of three proposed road, sidewalk and water main projects slated for summer 2017. The projects involve E. Cady (from S. Center St. to S. Main St.) replace existing 4” water main with new 12” line, reconstruct the asphalt road; High Street (W. Main to W. Dunlap), repair asphalt road, new curb and spot sidewalk repair; and Elmsmere (E. Chigwidden to Coldspring), improve concrete road and sidewalks.

Lot-split allows for turn-around on Wing Ct. – City Council approved a plan to create a hammerhead turn-around on a parcel of land being donated for this use by a current homeowner who is selling a portion of his property.

Firehouse software – City Council approved extending a contract to the current provider for cloud-based access to Fire Department files.

Cady parking deck – City Council approved a $49,500 bid from RAM Construction to repair a deteriorating beam at the west end of Cady Street parking deck. In addition, the city will share the cost of beam repairs with Navigant Oak in an amount not to exceed $35,000 for other beam repairs.

Collective bargaining - City Council held a private session to discuss renewing labor contracts for covered city employees.

Changing time of City Council meetings – City Council asked the City to investigate changing the starting time of meetings from 7:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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