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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Feb. 6, 2017

A $25,471 grant from the Wayne County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is expected to be received in 2017. These funds are intended to target low to moderate-income residents or to provide an urgent community need. Northville plans to apply the grant to its senior services in the following manner: staffing for senior programs; repairs at Allen Terrace, including replacement of atrium windows and damaged interior doors; new circuit breakers; and improvements to the ventilation system. The public is invited to comment on the grant usage recommendations at the City Council’s Feb. 21 meeting, beginning at 7 p.m.

The contract for electrical services and maintenance repair was extended for two years with Allied Building Services, of Rochester Hills.

Randolph Street Drain…City Council approved a payment of $228,577.67 to Oakland County for a special assessment issued by the Randolph Street Drain Inter-County Board for the dredging and maintenance of the Randolph Street Drain from 2017 to 2019. Work will begin on Feb. 14 to dredge and improve the pond on the northwest corner of Taft and 8 Mile near the Lexington condos, and work should be completed by July 1. The pond will be dredged of sediment and taken to the landfill. Access to the site will be from 8 Mile Rd. Council asked the City for a report on the five-year plan and any related costs for the Randolph Drain. To cover the full cost of the special assessment, which was under-budgeted, City Council approved the use of $6,064.67 from FY 2016 Uncommitted Breakage Revenue.

Municipal Cross connection control program – Inspections are needed on 70 properties (both commercial and industrial) to ensure water is kept free from contamination. City Council approved a three-year contract extension for HydroCorp, of Troy, to conduct these inspections in an amount not to exceed $22,788. The cost per inspection remains the same.

Zoning in new Cady Street Overlay – City Council discussed the Planning Commission’s recommendation for mixed use zoning at the Foundry Flask property and the old McDonald Ford site – both part of the Cady Street overlay. Potential developers have requested first-floor residential zoning to keep the project profitable. A retail market analysis shows a demand for 50,000 ft2 of retail space in new developments. The need for mixed use in the form of research and development (R&D); housing that is affordable for the city’s senior residents and those who can’t afford a luxury development; and historic preservation was discussed. The City Council requested that the Planning Commission re-examine the issue of prohibiting first floor residential and explore zoning ordinance amendments that would permit residential use and incentives for mixed use on the first floor.

Appointment of Assessing Firm - The City Council appointed Assessment Administration Services, L.L.C. as the City’s Assessor for a three-year term beginning Feb. 7, 2017.

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