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Northville Police ready to save lives of people in cardiac arrest with new AEDs on board

Northville Police With AED
Officer Scott Groff holds an AED, which is now on board all Northville Police vehicles on the road.
Northville Police in patrol cars don’t leave the station without an AED (automatic external defibrillator) on board. This life-saving technology has been used for years by the Northville Fire Department, which provides basic life support Emergency Medical Service in addition to fire-fighting capabilities.

Now, the police have an enhanced ability to assist in a medical emergency where a person’s heart may be “quivering” (a state known as fibrillation) and needs an external shock to get it functioning so it can resume circulating blood through the body.

“The new AEDs help police officers save lives,” said Police Chief Mike Carlson. “Our police officers often arrive on the scene first because we are already out on patrol. Now that we have the benefit of using an AED on a cardiac victim, the chances increase for a successful outcome and that’s a tremendous benefit to families and the community.”

AEDS have two pads that are placed on a person’s chest. The machine then reads the person’s heart rhythm and, if warranted, sends an electrical charge to defibrillate the heart and restore its electrical function.

The City Council approved the purchase of five units at a cost of $8,050 in December 2016. Attorney Joe Corriveau, a partner at Corriveau Law in Northville, offered to pay for one of the units.

“We are grateful for Joe’s generous contribution,” said Northville City Manager Pat Sullivan. “It’s a testament to the value of these units that a local business owner wanted to purchase one for use by our front-line responders.”

The units arrived in January and police were trained in their use that same month. Three of those AEDs are being used by the Police Dept. and the other two are replacement units for older units used by the Fire Dept.



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