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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on April 3, 2017

Grace Carpenter alley – This city-owned property was paved by three homeowners who contracted the work without a permit. An opposing group of neighbors say the paved alley poses problems, chiefly speeding and improper drainage onto their properties. In lieu of not having the property storm drain installed and not obtaining a permit to do the work on property that they didn’t own, City Manager Pat Sullivan proposed that the group that paved the alley pay a special assessment for a storm sewer to be added to the paved alley, with a deadline for acceptance set for May 1, 2017.

New Hope Center lease extension – The City has agreed to a monthly lease for a short term to occupants of a home at 315 Griswold in Mill Race Village, to allow the group time to move to a new location.

Poole’s Tavern plans to expand outdoor patio – The restaurant/bar, which has a 25-year lease with the City, showed architectural/landscaping plans to redo its outdoor seating area. The business owners will replace broken concrete and install sidewalks that match the City’s, install a decorative fence and expand the outdoor eating area. In the second phase, the owners will install a glass and steel awning. Phase I plans were approved and phase Il will be presented at an upcoming meeting.

2017/2018 budget to be presented to City Council: Thursday, April 6, at 7 p.m. and Thursday, April 13, at 7 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

Up-fitting of police cars – Price quotes, without a formal RFP, were accepted from four vendors to up-fit two new patrol car by transferring reusable equipment from the original cars and doing a safety inspection. The council agreed to give the bid to Cruisers, which are the current outfitters.

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