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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on April 17, 2017

Guest - Gina Wilson Stewart, of Western Wayne County NAACP, introduced herself and noted that Northville is one of 18 cities in the organization's region. She invited members of the City Council and others in the community to the next NAACP regional meeting on Monday, May 8, at 7 p.m. at Canton Township Administrative Offices. The group does a special activity each month, such as donating books to barber shops for kids to read. Click here for more information.

Ordinance updates - The Council adopted the following changes (see #1-5 below) to ordinances after a second reading at the meeting.

  1. Text change to Section 26 which defines "Lot Coverage," clarifying that any structure with a roof, including covered porches, is included in the lot-coverage calculation.
  2. Keep "take-out restaurants" in "permitted use" rather than "special land use" in the Central Business District (CBD) ordinance. This change then deletes the special land use (section 16.07) of the ordinance, since take-out restaurants were the only business listed in it.
  3. Signage - If a business has two entrances, the owner is now allotted an additional 12 ft2 of wall sign area at a secondary entrance, typically at the back of the business.
  4. Footnotes were revised for clarity involving side yard setbacks in business districts. (Footnotes 10 and 11 to Article 15, Schedule of Regulations in the Zoning Ordinance.)
  5. Corrected terminology for basement ordinance, "ceiling" was changed to "finished floor elevation" to match the illustration labels. (Article 26, Zoning Ordinance.)



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