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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting June 5, 2017

It was a well-attended meeting with more than 60 visitors and 24 people who addressed the City Council from the microphone. The Northville Democratic Club, members of the group Indivisible, and others spoke about their interest in marching in the Independence Day Parade. Mayor Ken Roth advised the speakers that the parade is organized by the Community Foundation, which has a permit to hold the parade, and they set the rules about who can appear in it. Their rules call for no political parties or candidates for office to be involved in the parade, and state that only elected officials already serving in office can march in the parade. Councilmembers encouraged the Community Foundation and the political groups to meet and attempt to find a compromise to resolve the situation.

Ordinance for Sunday liquor in outdoor cafes – It was the first reading of the ordinance that will allow liquor to be served earlier than the present time of noon on Sundays at restaurants that have an outdoor platform. The new time will be 10 a.m., which is within the time parameters of Michigan law. (Chapter 74 Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places, Article VI Sidewalk Cafes and Outdoor Seating)

City Council Member Marilyn Price was appointed to the Election Commission.

Realgy Energy Services was awarded a two-year contract to provide natural gas to the City, with a bid that stated it would charge the City a guaranteed savings of 2.5 percent over Consumers Energy’s costs. At current costs, that could save an estimated $2,000 per year.

Cell tower contract extended – The City’s contract with AT&T for the cell tower at City Yards (650 Doheny Drive) was extended for 25 years. If, during that time, a second tower is sublet by AT&T on that site, the City will receive 20% of the cost paid to AT&T by the second company. The current revenue of $26,400 will initially increase by 20% to $31,680, then by 3% annually.

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