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Does your business or municipal building have a unique, inviting look?

Best In Town Award 2016
The 2016 “Best in Town” Beautification Award went to Angela Carson Photography.
Photo by Liz Cezat (taken in June 2017).
The City of Northville Beautification Commission (BC) is preparing to judge local businesses and municipal buildings on their ability to make the exterior of their facility “star quality” when it comes to greenery and flowers as well as decorative elements that make a statement – for those without greenspace.

“Improving the exterior of a business or municipal building greatly enhances the area around it,” said Diane Pittaway, chairperson of the City of Northville Beautification Commission. “People who walk around town or drive through it take notice of the colorful summer blooms and landscape features. The Beautification Commission recognizes those who make the added effort to beautify their businesses and enhance the overall look of the City.”

This is the 35th year of the awards, and the group’s 50th anniversary. “We encourage all businesses and municipal facilities to join the city in making their landscape or storefront part of this collective community effort to beautify Northville,” said Pittaway.

Members of the commission begin judging on July 1, and score points in four categories: 1) general appearance/curb appeal; 2) design; 3) environment and 4) special features. Each of these categories has five or more elements that judges evaluate. For example, in the design category, judges score high for exteriors that have a focal point; color balance and contrast; texture/movement; sun/shade exposure and other artistic features appropriate to the space.

Owners and operators often won’t know their property is being evaluated, since the commission doesn’t inform them as they review the exterior setting. Business owners and municipal administrators enjoy this annual event and are proud to receive one of the coveted awards. Winners, announced after Aug. 1, receive an award lawn sign, a certificate suitable for framing and an invitation to be recognized at the Fall Rotary luncheon.

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