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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting June 19, 2017

Citizens comments - Callista Milroy, of 1056 Allen Drive, reported that 26 people volunteered to pull invasive garlic mustard plant from the banks of the Rouge River near Novi Road and 8 Mile as part of the Rouge River Clean-up on May 20. The volunteers filled 42 bags with this invasive plant and celebrated with a block party lunch afterwards. (Note: Garlic mustard plants should not be composted.)

A proclamation was presented to the Beautification Commission (BC) in recognition of the group’s 50th anniversary. Diane Pittaway, chairperson, received the proclamation and gave a brief presentation on the history of the group. As a thank-you to the community, the BC members offered cake and coffee to the City Council and guests following the meeting.

Kathleen Ripley Leo announced that the Daughters of the American colonists will place a historical marker in Oakwood Cemetery. The cemetery is the resting place of 421 citizens, many of whom were prominent citizens of Northville as well as veterans. A ceremony will be held at the cemetery at a later date.

Ordinance amendments:

  • First reading of an amendment dealing with the amount of space that can be dedicated on a residential property for a driveway. It calls for a minimum of 65 percent of a single-family home’s front yard to be unpaved.
  • First reading of clarifications to the site plan review process, noting when a formal site plan review is necessary by the Planning Commission and when/if an administrative site plan review is necessary by City staff, planning commission chair and consultants. It also extends preliminary plan approval or final site approval if the applicant shows good cause.
  • First reading of a business zoning amendment that does not allow use of an adjourning alley as part of the calculation for property coverage.
  • An amendment to the sidewalk café and outdoor seating ordinance was adopted by Council to allow liquor to be served at cafes on Sunday beginning at 10 a.m., consistent with the operating start time Monday through Saturday.

Liquor license change granted
Brian Maiorana, owner of Main Street Hospitality, received approval for a Class C liquor license (reclassified from a transferred license) in advance of renovating the old Riffles building at 160 Main, which is also the namesake of the new Sicilian restaurant to open at that site later this year.

Electric Vehicle Recharging stations will be installed
City Council approved the location of two EV charging stations in the Old Church Square lot at Dunlap and N. Main. There is a time limit of three hours to recharge electric vehicles at no cost to the driver.

New voting equipment won the approval of City Council to comply with the “Help America Vote Act” (HAVA). The City Clerk will also purchase a new tabulator for back-up use. The $31,000 cost for the new generation of voting machines will be covered by the state and HAVA funds. The back-up tabulator will be purchased for $5,000.

A change-order for last year’s street improvement was approved for $36,000 to cover the cost of additional road work and water main replacements completed as part of the 2015/16 street improvement program.

The strategic plan commissioned by the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), with some funding from the City, was approved by the City Council. It sets a direction and vision for new development and redevelopment of available land and unused properties in the downtown area, extending to 7 Mile and Center.

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