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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting, July 17, 2017


Site Plan Review process – City Council approved changes to the ordinance that clarified when the Planning Commission, city staff and consultants must review and approve changes to a site plan. The changes also allow the Planning Commission to extend preliminary or final approval to a site plan if the applicant provides good cause.

Front yard open space – City Council approved changes to an ordinance that include requiring new single-family homes to leave at least 65% of the required front yard unpaved. Exceptions are made if the lot is narrow and doesn’t have alley access. Another change prohibits parking on an unpaved surface in the front yard of a residential district and across a public sidewalk.

A Resolution was approved that allows the Northville Pom Booster Club and Northville Middle School Pompon Booster Club to operate as nonprofit organizations in the City of Northville. This action will allow both to obtain a charitable gaming license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

The City Council approved an agreement with the City of Plymouth for their Public Works director, Chris Porman, to become a part-time assistant Public Works director for the City of Northville, beginning Aug. 1, 2017. Thus, he will split his time between the two cities. Current Public Works Director James Gallogly plans to retire in 2018. The agreement runs for one year. During this time, Plymouth and Northville will look at the feasibility of sharing a director and possibly sharing other resources and efforts related to Public Works.

Commission reappointments were approved for the Arts Commission: Jennifer Helner; and the Beautification Commission: Nadia Golinski, Nachiko Hirato and Yumi Kudo. 

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