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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting, August 7, 2017

City to continue banking services with Comerica Bank – The City’s Banking services were rebid with proposals submitted by Comerica, Flagstar, Huntington and Level One. City Council approved the finance director’s recommendation to continue its existing relationship with Comerica Bank for five years at an estimated annual cost of $21,710. Rebidding this service is expected to save approximately $26,000 annually.

Investing with Oakland County Local Government Investment Pool - City Council approved a recommendation by the finance director/treasurer to invest $750,000 in the Oakland County Local Government Investment Pool, primarily to diversity the investment portfolio. The City’s investment policy’s main objectives are safety, liquidity and return. The initial funds being invested are coming from cash reserves and will be charged a fee of .037%.

New pagers approved for Fire Department – City Council approved the fire chief’s recommendation to purchase 60 new megahertz pagers. This is an upgrade from the current hybrid system that uses VHF pagers with 800 MHz digital radios, since newer pager technology wasn’t available when the radios were purchased in 2009. The VHF pagers are no longer supported by the manufacturer and have caused problems by not being able to transmit all of the calls to the on-call responders, among other issues. The cost for the 60 Unication G4 P25 voice pagers will be $37,890 including 60 charging bases and a three-year warranty at no cost due to a timely incentive.

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