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City Council Update

Highlights from City Council Meeting, September 5, 2017
Meeting was held Tuesday due to the Labor Day holiday.

City Council approved an agreement between the Northville District Library and the City to add five parallel parking spaces on the north side of Cady, paying $4,500 for each space. This satisfies the parking requirement for adding an addition to their site.

City Council approved the second phase of Poole’s exterior renovations on property leased from the City. The restaurant will add a 17 x 37-foot glass awning over the east-side entrance to the building. Plan approval now goes before the Planning Commission and Historic District Commission.

City Council approved the purchase of new RecPro software for Parks and Recreation to resolve issues it has had with program and event registration. The new system costs $8,800 and will save $17,000 a year in credit card fees by passing that cost onto the registrants.

Fish hatchery park – City Council approved hiring SME for engineering-design services at a cost of $6,000. This completes the engineering design for the retaining wall replacement between the pond and the creek and develops construction specifications for bidding the project.

There were no public comments.

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