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City Council Update

Highlights from City Council Meeting, October 16, 2017

Historic District Commission – City Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to amend chapter 42 of Historic Preservation Article II, which would allow the mayor or an alternate (appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council) to serve on the Historic District Commission and become chairperson of the HDC. Currently, it is the mayor or a City Council member who serves. In addition, new language indicates the actions to be taken when asking a commission member to resign from the position.

Taxicabs – A recommendation was made by the City Clerk to repeal the ordinance that regulates taxi cab fees and licenses, since the fees and regulations are now managed by the state. This refers to Chapter 94 Vehicles for Hire, Article II Taxicabs. The second reading and potential adoption will be at the Nov. 6 meeting.

International Fire Code – City Council approved the first reading of Fire Chief Steve Ott’s request to adopt the latest edition (2015) of the International Fire Code, replacing the 2012 edition, in the Northville Code of Ordinances. It likely will be adopted at the Nov. 6 meeting.



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