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City Council Update

Highlights from City Council Meeting, November 13, 2017

Northville’s City government was sworn-in by 35th District Court Judge Jim Plakas. Patrick Giesa was sworn in as the new member of the City Council, replacing the seat previously held by Jim Allen. Mayor Ken Roth and City Council member Sam Ekong were also sworn in as they continue their roles.

Boards and Commissions – Mayor Roth asked City Council members and the City Manager about their preferences for serving as liaisons on boards and commissions and will take their choices under advisement. The mayor will announce new and continuing liaison appointments at the Dec. 4 City Council meeting.

Mayor Pro-tem – Council member Nancy Darga was appointed mayor pro-tem, a position previously filled by Jim Allen.

Appointment to the Historic District Commission – Mayor Roth named former City Council member Jim Allen to serve as chairperson of the HDC. Allen has previously served in that role for three years. This follows a recent change in the governing documents of the HDC in which the mayor, or an alternate selected by the mayor and confirmed by City Council, can serve as the chairperson of the HDC.

Of note: Mayor Roth formally recognized the service to the City performed by Jim Allen in his role as City Council member and also for the many boards and commissions he has served on. Former Mayor Chris Johnson attended as a guest and also expressed his gratitude for Allen’s service.

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