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City Council Update

Highlights from City Council Meeting, March 5, 2018

Dogs on leash at condo commons – It was the first reading of ordinance 10.2, regarding dogs running at large. A change to this ordinance will prohibit dogs from being off leash at condominium common areas since the property is shared among many residents. The second reading, and pending approval, will come at the March 19 meeting.

Parks and Recreation vehicle leases – Nine trucks and SUVs used by Parks and Recreation will now be insured, and have license plates and titles covered, by the Township of Northville rather than the City. This change was made because the department’s administrative management was moved to the township as of Jan. 1, 2018.

Goals and Objectives finalized – City Council approved the Northville City Goals, Objectives, and Project Priorities for FY 2018-19. Among the goals are the following:

  • Ask community groups to present at City Council meetings
  • Re-evaluate density/parking for new developments
  • Sell the City-owned property on Wing Street, south of the Post Office
  • Consider improvements to Ford Field, including adding bathrooms and rehabilitating the play structure
  • Train members of boards and commissions about FOIA, conflicts of interest and other administrative issues
  • Conduct a consultant-led survey to improve energy efficiency in the buildings and outdoor areas owned or managed by the City.

(A copy of the goals, objectives and project priorities is located on the City’s website (see: agenda)

Parking for electric vehicle use only – The fees, penalties, and fines schedule was revised to establish a fee for “No Parking Except for Electric Vehicle Charging” at the two EV charging stations (soon to be operational) in City lot # 2 (Old Church Square parking lot).

Click here to see the video of the meeting



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