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City Council Update

Highlights from City Council Meeting, April 16, 2018

Public comments:

Karen Zyczynski
represented the AAUW* of Northville/Novi Chapter. She provided an overview of the organization that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. She thanked the City Council for issuing a proclamation that recognized April 10, 2018 as Equal Pay Day. That’s the date that women’s pay equals men’s for the same job. On average, she noted, a white woman’s pay rate is 78¢ for every $1 a white man earns. It’s even less for minority women. (*AAUW is the American Association of University Women.)

Dr. Ghulam Qadir, a psychiatrist and the CEO of a mental health practice in Dearborn, introduced himself as a candidate for the state senate. He resides in Northville Township and noted that building and maintaining good quality roads is a top priority.

Report from Financial advisers – Jaymes Vettraino, of Vettraino Consulting, and John Kaczor, of Municipal Analytics, presented their final report on a review of the City’s long-range financial plan, with a close look at infrastructure costs, pension funding, and expenditures and liabilities. To fund road improvements, the advisers recommended securing a $3.2 million bond (@ 3.5%) with funds generated by a .97 millage. If City Council approves a millage request, it will be placed on the November 2018 ballot.

Zoning section: Six ordinance amendments were presented for either first reading or second reading and approval. They are:

  1. Special Land use in general commercial district (Section 11.03) – First reading: Eliminate the phrase “no more obnoxious or detrimental to the surrounding area” because it is vague. The Planning Commission instead is advised to use the Special Land Use standards to gauge whether an unlisted proposed use is similar to other acceptable uses in the district in question.
  2. Special Land Use Standards (16.01) First reading: The recipient of applications and materials for special land use requests will be designated as the Building Department rather than the City Clerk.
  3. Fences – (Section 18.09) First reading: If a residential property backs on a heavily traveled road, e.g. Beck, Novi Road, 8 Mile, etc., a fence no higher than 6 feet can be erected in the back yard or a side yard that faces the busy street.
  4. Site condominium development standards (Section 18.14) – First reading: An applicant must submit "draft" condominium documents to the City Attorney for review after the Preliminary Site Plan has been approved. Any draft documents not approved by the City attorney must be brought back to the Planning Commission, which may recommend changes prior to final acceptance. The previous language required that the condominium documents be finalized at the review stage by the City attorney.
  5. Senior Living Facilities – (section 16.18) First reading: A senior living group residence can only be built in the zoned multi-family district, R-3 or R-4, not on Cady Street or in the downtown area. The language was revised to reflect the current definitions of senior housing, ranging from independent apartments to Continuing Care Retirement Communities. The amendment also adds standards for site development and parking.
  6. Master plan changes involving Cady St. and Foundry Flask - Second reading/approval by City Council: The amendment, in part, permits some first floor residential and removes some density requirements (number of units per acre). It now goes to adjourning communities for a 42-day review, then will be discussed at a public hearing. Any revisions based on those reviews will be made by the Planning Commission before it is presented in final form to City Council.

Parking decks – City Council approved a contract, submitted as part of a bid process, to Carl Walker/WGI of Kalamazoo, in the amount of $15,750 to prepare an evaluation, rehabilitation and maintenance plan for the MainCentre and Cady Street parking decks.

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