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Safety Town helps children learn about traffic and personal safety

electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
Officer Davis engages kids in a discussion about ways to stay safe.
 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
Teens volunteer from area high schools to help with the program, from left: Teens volunteer from area high schools to help with the program, from left: Edward Watkins, Ryan Scott, Téa Comai, Lauren Takahashi, Morgan Thomas and Emily Takahashi.
Games, talks, videos, and “driving” around a mini town are some of the teaching tools used during Safety Town, an educational program managed by the Northville Parks and Recreation Dept. It attracts nearly 200 children who are age 5 or entering kindergarten in fall 2018. There are still openings for the weeks of July 16 and 23.

The gym of St. Paul Lutheran Church at 201 Elm St. is decked out as a mini city with pop-up fabric houses and a “road” around the town. Pedal cars allow the kids to practice driving. There’s even a traffic light, which helps the kids learn about crossing the street. An instructor describes potential hazards and engages the children in a discussion about how to respond to certain traffic situations.

An officer from the Northville Police Dept. visits each weekly session to talk to the kids about “stranger danger” – how to keep themselves safe in their neighborhoods and in public places; and how to act around guns (including those in their homes). A member of the Northville Fire Dept. also visits and educates the kids about fire safety.

The program runs Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cost is $105 for residents/$115 for non-residents. Register by calling the Parks and Recreation office at 248-349-0203 or go to their website.



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