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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting on October 15, 2018

Public comments were made by five guests.

John Kaloustian, who lives on West Main Street and owns a home on 1st Street, says an oak tree on his 1st Street property is creating mold on the roof and has cracked his driveway and sidewalk, and he wants to cut it down. The Council advised him of the tree ordinance, which states that you can’t cut down a healthy, landmark tree except in certain instances. In those cases, there’s remediation: pay into the city tree fund or replace the tree with a tree of a specified type and size.

Nancy Chiri, of 661 W. Main, commented about plans to redevelop the Northville Downs property. She said she attended the Planning Commission meeting on the topic and is concerned about that development’s impact on local traffic, parking, the downtown area, and added costs to the City and taxpayers.

Carin Meyer, of 437 Grace St., and co-chair of the Advocacy Committee of the Northville PTA, criticized the City government for its legal action to force the School District to bring its case for demolishing Main Street Elementary School before the Historic District commission. (The mayor responded by correcting some misstatements and reiterating the City’s purpose in seeking legal recourse.)

Chris Davis, of 336 Linden, who held the winning RFP to build homes on the Main Street Elementary School property, questioned what the City’s next step would be in legal proceedings. (The mayor responded that the lawyers for the City and the School District are in discussions and he couldn’t comment further.)

Gail LeVan, of Randolph St., said she has talked to many area residents who have a vested interest in what happens at the Main Street Elementary School property. She said that she and many of those residents want the City government to retain the City’s heritage and sense of community while overseeing new development on West Main Street and in the Northville Downs area.

City Council members Marilyn Price, Nancy Darga and Sam Ekong each spoke about their role as elected officials to make decisions about new development and their responsibilities to the citizens.

Zoning amendment – It was the first reading to approve an amendment that would rezone the Seven Mile – South Main Street Sub Area from Performance Regulated Industrial (PR-1) to General Commercial District (GCD). The businesses currently on the site would be grandfathered in but require a variance if they were to expand. After the second reading, if there are no public objections, the ordinance will become official.

Mayor Ken Roth congratulated City Finance Director Sandi Wiktorowski for receiving a national budget award for the 13th straight year.


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