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Planning Commission

The City of Northville Planning Commission is empowered by City Council and is given the authority to establish procedures, standards and administrative rules whereby applicants are required to submit for review and approval a site development plan, to minimize the possibility that a particular development may have on the adjacent property, and further to ensure proper relationships between the development features as they relate to: traffic safety, service roads, driveways, parking areas, accessory buildings and uses and open spaces.

Public Hearing/Post Notices



 Pre-Application Meeting Request

This application is for prospective applicants that wish to request a meeting with the City's Planning Consultant.  Pre-application conferences are encouraged in order to familiarize applicants with the zoning ordinance requirements for their potential project prior to applying to the Planning Commission for project review and approval. If you are considering a Planned Unit Development, the pre-application conference is required by ordinance.

 Site Plan Application  
 Site Plan Extension
 Planned Unit Development (PUD) Eligibility
 Planned Unit Development
 Sign Permit Application  
 Special Land Use Application
 Petition for Zoning District Boundary Change  
 Petition for Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment
 Planning Commission Fee Schedule

City of Northville Master Plan

Click here for more information on Procedures to Appear before the Planning Commission / Submission Deadlines.

More information on the Planning Commission is available in the Government section of our website.