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Deck Permit  |  Detached Garage

Deck Permit Guidelines

Completed Building Permit Application Including (2) Sets of Drawings

Submit a Mortgage Survey Showing Location of Deck, Accessory Structures, Easements and Location of Gas and Electrical Meters

Submitted Blueprint/Drawing of Deck must include the following Information:

  • All measurements pertaining to size of Deck
  • Post Hole locations and On Center Spacing, Minimum Footing
  • Depth of 42" and sized to support the Deck Load as required
  • Beam sizes, Species, Joist Sizes, Species, On Center Spacing and Locations, Decking Material being used, and Type of Ground Cover if necessary
  • Elevation from the top of the Deck Measured to Grade Level

A Guard Rail is required for all Decks that are elevated 30" or more above Grade Level. Balusters must be installed vertically. Minimum Guard Rail height of 36" with a maximum of 4" spacing between Balusters - Provide Details

Provide a Stair Detail showing Rise and Run of Stringers, Hand Rail Detail

If the Deck is attached to the home you must provide a Flashing Detail and the Method of Attachment to the Home

A Post Hole, Rough Frame and a Final Inspection are Required

All Decks must be in compliance with the City of Northville Zoning Ordinance, Section 18.11 10, Decks

All Decks within the Historic District Boundaries must have the Approval of the Historic District Commission prior to the issuance of a Building Permit


TopRequirements for Detached Frame Garages

Zoning Ordinance Requirements:  The following requirements apply to R1A and R1B (single family) districts.

Minimum Distance: from rear and side lot lines shall be five (5) feet.
Minimum Space: between garage and house of ten (10) feet.
Maximum Size: one story or fourteen (14) feet in height, area can not exceed 25% of the required rear yard plus 40% of the non-required rear yard, and may not exceed the ground floor area of the main building or 10% of the total lot area, whichever is less.
Historic District: garages as well as all other additions or exterior architectural changes on lots within the Historic District must be approved by the Historic District Commission prior to a permit being issued.
Preparing Site: Remove all sod. Fill material and forms must be in place and ready for pour for the first inspection.
Inspections: 1. Open trench and floor form before pouring. 2. Final
Floors: 4" minimum
Concrete: 2500# concrete-5 bag minimum-5 gallons of water per bag.
Bolts: 8" long x ½" diameter-2" above concrete, 8’ apart.
Expansion Strip: beneath bottom plate.
Framing: 16" O.C.
Wall Plates: Top doubled, bottom single.
Siding: Wood or other material approved by the Building Department.
Wind Bracing: Each corner, both ways 1’ x 6" let into studs at 45°.
Door & Window Headers:
8’ 2-2" x 6" 2-2" x 8"
9’ 2-2" x 8" 2-2" x 10"
16’, 17’, 18’ 2-2" x 12" 2-2" x 12" + ¼ steel plate
  Use 3/8" bolts each 2’ staggered top and bottom of 2" x 12" in bearing wall or laminated beam.
Roof: Trusses or rafters.
Rafters: Up to 13’ wide (2" x 6"). Over 14’ to 17’ (2" x 8"). Longer, check with the Building Department.
Cross Ties: (4) 2" X 4" TO 14’ wide. Over 14’ width 2" x 6" with one additional tie in opposite direction. 1" x 6" hanger.


Ridge Board: 2" full rafter bearing.
Collar Ties: 1" x 6", 4" center.
Corner Studs: Standard 2 stud corner with blocking.
Roofing Boards: 1" boards or ½" approved plywood. Particleboard must use clips.
Shingles: #210 per 100 square feet or better.
Shingle Nailing: Manufacturers specifications-NO STAPLES.
Nailing: (general) 6" boards - 2 nails. Over 6" – 3 nails.
Distance From Lot Line: Side-5 feet, Rear-5 feet, Side Street
Distance From Any Building: 10 feet.
Sheathing: Brick Veneer or Aluminum Siding:
Plywood 5/16"  Gypsum ½"
Fiberboard ½"  Particleboard 3/8".
Foundation: Wood frame – Ratwall 6" x 30" below ground level-attached, brick veneer, solid masonry and steel – Foundation 8" x 42" below existing ground level.


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