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Zoning Ordinance and Map

Zoning Ordinance Cover Page

Zoning Map
 Zoning Map

The Northville Code of Ordinances is available online through Municode.  Due to its length, however, the Zoning Ordinance is NOT available through Municode. 

 Zoning Ordinance (3.8 MB)
(Includes Amendments through April 2016)

To view the Northville Code of Ordinances without the Zoning Ordinance, click here.

Newly Adopted Ordinances

None at this time.

Proposed Ordinance Amendment

 Notice of Public Hearing - March 20, 2017

 Wall Signs In Central Business District
 Take Out Restraurants
 Lot Coverage Covered Porches
 Basement Definition
 Schedule of Regulations Footnote

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