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Elections Overview

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Be Prepared on Election Day!

Upcoming Elections information can be viewed on the Elections Calendar page.

*Before Election Day, confirm that you are registered to vote and where you vote.

Check the Michigan Voter Information Center. Here you can verify that you are registered to vote, find your polling location, see a sample of your precinct ballot, find information on the voting equipment used in your precinct, and other helpful information.

Click here for more information.

*Polling Locations for the City of Northville and Voting Hours.

Community Center, 303 W. Main Street – Precinct 1 (Wayne County residents)
Amerman Elementary School, 847 N. Center Street – Precinct 2 (Oakland County residents)

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close promptly at 8 p.m. You must be in line by 8 p.m. in order to vote.

*Know your polling location.

The above polling locations are for City of Northville registered voters only.

Northville Township voters and City of Novi voters do not vote at these locations. Click here to determine if you are registered voter in the City of Northville, Northville Township, or the City of Novi, and where you should vote on Election Day.

*Allow sufficient time for voting.

- Precinct inspectors have a great deal of responsibility in issuing ballots and recording information. Accuracy is the goal. Your patience is appreciated!

- Avoid the busiest times of 7:00am to 9:00am, 12:00pm (noon) to 2:00pm, and 6:00pm to 8:00pm. If you must vote during peak times, please be patient.

- Bring your photo I.D. (driver’s license) or be prepared to complete an affidavit attesting that you are not in possession of your photo I.D. A ballot will not be issued unless you provide sufficient photo identification or complete the affidavit.

- Clearly and legibly print your name and date of birth on the Application to Vote and sign the application. Inform the inspector of any name change, address changes, or hyphenated names.


New voting equipment to be used at Nov. 7 election

When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7, they will use new voting equipment that makes it easier and more secure to cast a ballot. The units, purchased using federal and state funds, replace machines that are 12 years old.

The new voting unit has a touch screen scanner with easy-to-follow directions. Voters will still mark a paper ballot using a blue or black pen. They will fill in the box instead of an oval next to their choice.
Read more and watch the video.

Heavy voter turnout in Northville kept polls busy all day long

Election Day 2016 on Tuesday, Nov. 8 started with a misty rain as hundreds of voters stood in line at both precincts in Northville to cast their ballots. There was a steady flow of voters throughout the day, with the majority coming, as expected, in the early morning and evening hours.  Read about Election Day in Northville and see more photos.

College students get ready to vote

Many young adults from Northville living on college campuses in Michigan and other states are getting ready to exercise one of the fundamental rights of democracy – casting their vote during the presidential election on Nov. 8. Read more about getting ready to vote in the Nov. 8 Election.

Election inspectors talk about their roles on election day

With the general election coming up on Nov. 8, there is a need for election inspectors. To provide an overview of what the periodic job entails, we discussed the role with two inspectors who have worked at many elections. Read what the Election Inspectors have to say.

Absent voter ballots play an important role in elections

Voters can submit a request for an absent voter ballot up to 75 days before an election. The application for the primary election allows voters to request an absent voter ballot for the general election. This saves time because voters don’t have to submit two applications.  Absent Voter Ballot Article.