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Poll Workers

 Poll Worker Application
 Poll Worker Information Sheet
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The City of Northville is always accepting applications for Poll Workers!

Poll Workers conduct assigned duties at the polling site on Election Day. Duties may include issuing ballots to registered voters, monitoring the voting equipment, and explaining how to mark the ballot.

Necessary Qualifications and Completing Your Application

  • You must be a United States citizen and registered to vote in the State of Michigan
  • Inspectors must be able to retain and utilize the information provided during training sessions, work under the direct supervision of the Precinct Chairperson, and be proficient with computers.
  • Complete and return your application to the City Clerk’s Office, City of Northville,
    215 W. Main Street, Northville, Michigan, 48167 or email to
  • Michigan Election Law requires that you indicate your political party affiliation on the Election Inspector Application. An equal number of election inspectors from each major political party, as closely as possible, must be appointed to each precinct. If you declare “independent” or “no party affiliation” your application will be disqualified.

Training and Assignment Information

  • Your name is placed on our substitute list. The City cannot promise that you will work each and every election. Poll Workers are assigned based on the type of election and the number of inspectors needed to administer the election.
  • Prior to each election, assignment notification is done by email. If there is a cancellation, you might be contacted and asked to replace a canceled inspector. There is the possibility that you may get called or notified of a vacancy as late as a day or two before an election, or even at 6am election morning.
  • Training is provided. Inspectors are paid $30 to $45 to attend training.
  • All Election Inspectors will be trained to use the Electronic Poll Book. The EPB

Pay Rates and Hours

  • Pay rates:
    Chairperson $215/day
    Inspector $175/day
  • Work hours on Election Day are from 6am until approximately 9:30pm The Chairperson will release the Board of Election Inspectors once all processing and clean up is completed.
  • Lunch and dinner breaks are assigned by the Chairperson based on the needs of the precinct on Election Day.