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Garage Sale Signs

Code of Ordinances - Chapter 62, Article II

  • A permit is required for the placement of garage sale signs advertising the sale of used toys, household furniture, furnishings, and appliances by the owner of such items at the residence of the owner.
  • Signs shall not be larger than those permitted in R-2 zoning districts. Click here (should go to zoning ordinance)
  • Signs cannot be placed on public property. Signs may only be placed on private property with the consent of the property owner and cannot be placed on any property located more than 500 feet from the place of sale.
  • Signs may be put up no more than two days prior to the date of the sale and all such signs must be taken down within one day following the sale.
  • A permit for the placement of signs advertising a garage sale must be obtained from the office of the city clerk. There shall be no charge for such permit.
  • No garage sale sign permit shall run for more than three days, and no person shall obtain more than three such permits per year.
  • Click on the link below to view or print a Garage Sale Sign Permit Application. Applications must be returned in person and cannot be faxed or mailed.
     Garage Sale Sign Permit Application

    Click here to view the Garage Sale Sign ordinance in the Code of Ordinances.


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