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History and Organization

1891 program for a fire department sponsered social.The Village of Northville was organized in March of 1867, and in the earliest days fire protection was a matter in which all residents were actively involved. One of the very first ordinances adopted by the Village Trustees required that anyone occupying a building in the Village keep on hand “three good pails and one ladder” for fire fighting purposes.

By 1890, the Village had grown to the point where an organized Fire Department was necessary. Chief A.M. Whitehead and about 30 volunteers from the community trained on the use of the new equipment, a 60 gallon, two-wheel, horse-drawn chemical wagon.
In 1990, the Department added EMS response to its services. Department members underwent training to become Emergency Medical Technicians, and began responding to calls for medical assistance together with private EMS providers.

Northville Fire Department in the 1970s.Today, as the result of a partnership between the Cities of Northville and Plymouth, the Department operates two stations – one located in each City, adjacent to the respective municipal offices. Personnel are assigned to a station, and respond to calls in that station’s response area. In the event of a major incident, personnel and equipment from both stations are dispatched.


Northville Fire Department in the early 1980s.Over the years, the equipment, training and range of services provided have changed significantly. But the Department still relies on the willingness of members of the community to step forward and take on the responsibility of training and then responding to the community’s emergency service needs.


Northville Fire Department circa 1995
Northville Fire Department
circa 1995.

The Fire Department celebrates its history during the annual Victorian Festival.
The Fire Department celebrates its history
during the annual Victorian Festival.


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