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Our services to the community include fire suppression, emergency medical response, fire prevention and inspection and public education.We are a service organization, dedicated to providing the highest quality of emergency and non-emergency services to those who live, work or visit the communities we serve. Our services include fire suppression, emergency medical response, fire prevention and inspection and public education.

We are also a community-focused organization. Our members participate in a wide range of community organizations and activities, and volunteer their time to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Fire Suppression Services

In the year 2001 the City of Northville Fire Department responded to 166 fire incident calls.A core mission of any fire department is fire suppression. Included in this category is a wide range of emergency incidents, including vehicle accidents, flammable gas or liquid leaks, downed electrical lines and automatic fire alarms as well as actual fires.

Each of our stations is equipped with two engines, an aerial, a mini pumper and transport capable rescue vehicle.

Emergency Medical Services

The response to calls for emergency medical assistance make up the bulk of the Department’s emergency runs.

The Department is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Basic Life Support agency and operates two EMS vehicles.The Department is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Basic Life Support agency and operates two BLS transport and two non-transport EMS vehicles. Both are equipped with a full range of life support equipment, including automated external defibrillators. In most cases patient transport is provided by Advanced Life Support units operated by private ambulance companies. The Department employs a three-tiered response system where Police/first aid, Fire/BLS and Private/ALS resources are dispatched to calls for medical assistance to ensure that help arrives promptly.

The 'bike patrol' provides prompt EMS response during crowded community events.During large-scale community events the Department has the capability to deploy EMS personnel on bicycles to more quickly respond to calls for emergency medical assistance in crowded areas. Bike rescue personnel work in teams and are equipped with basic EMS supplies which allow prompt treatment of medical emergencies. The Department also operates a special event rescue vehicle that allows our rescue crews to more easily access, treat and remove patients from congested areas. This vehicle is also used during athletic events.

Fire Prevention and Inspection Services

While most people are familiar with the Fire Department’s emergency response services, fewer people are aware of the behind-the-scenes work that is undertaken to help prevent fires in the first place. The Department has two state-certified fire inspectors, who undertake commercial fire inspections and fire code enforcement activities. Included in such activities are building plan review for new construction.

All Fire Department personnel receive training in basic fire prevention and inspection techniques. Any homeowner who is interested in a voluntary home fire safety inspection need only contact Chief Allen at 248-449-9920 to make the arrangements.

Public Education Services

During Fire Prevention Week in early October the Department hosts an open house featuring demonstrations of equipment, food and general fun.One of the most basic and essential services we provide to the community is public safety education. The Department offers station tours and on-site fire safety or first aid education programs to school, scouting and other interested community groups.

If your group or organization is interested in having a speaker from the Fire Department make a presentation on any aspect of our operations, or fire safety topics, simply contact Chief Allen at 248-449-9920. Please try to provide at least four week’s notice.

Group of firefightersThe Department typically offers a number of community-wide events with a public education focus. During Fire Prevention Week in early October the Department hosts an open house featuring demonstrations of equipment, food and general fun. Also associated with Fire Prevention Week, the Department participates in the activities of the National Fire Prevention Association such as “The Great Escape” program, where families are instructed on the development of home fire escape plans. Every Halloween the members of the Department host a community-wide party and costume contest at Station 1 in Northville.





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The Board of Review for the City of Northville will meet in a correctional session at 4 P.M. on Tuesday December 9, 2014 in the City Manager’s conference room in the Northville City Hall at 215 West Main Street, Northville, Michigan 48167. For further information please contact the City Assessor at 248-305-2704.

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Planning Commission Vacancy - The City is looking for residents interested in filling a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Click here for an application. Completed applications should be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office, 215 W. Main Street, Northville, MI 48167.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson launched an informational page where residents can learn firsthand about the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). Go to and click on the Great Lakes Water Authority link.


As of 9/1/14 the City of Northville does not accept passport applications. Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website at for a list of passport acceptance facilities in the area.

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