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Bad Check Complaints

The following steps/items must be completed prior to filing a complaint with the Northville Police Department seeking criminal prosecution.

  1. Request payment on the check twice through the appropriate financial institution.
  2. Complete items 1 - 9 on the "Prosecutor’s Required Information for Warrant on Bad Check Cases" from the Bad Checks Complaint form
     Bad Checks Complaint Form
  3. Complete a Bad Check Notification form letter from the Bad Checks Complaint Form.
     Bad Checks Complaint Form

    A. A photocopy of the completed notification letter is required.

    B. It is the responsibility of the complainant to mail the notification letter and pay all postal charges.

    C. The notification letter is to be mailed by registered mail with restricted delivery and return receipt. Letter is to be deliverable only to the addressee, who must sign for same.

Upon completion of the above listed items, and receiving a response to the registered letter (either the return receipt or the returned unclaimed letter), the following items should be submitted to the Police Department for criminal proceedings to begin.

  1. The original check in question with the financial institution notation reflecting that the check has been submitted twice for payment.
  2. The completed "Prosecutor’s Required Information for Warrant on Bad Check Cases" form.
  3. A photocopy of the completed notification form letter.
  4. The postmarked receipt for certified mail.
  5. The signed returned receipt or the returned unclaimed registered letter.

If there are unique circumstances present regarding a specific bad check, please contact an officer in the Detective Bureau.

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The Board of Review for the City of Northville will meet in a correctional session at 4 P.M. on Tuesday December 9, 2014 in the City Manager’s conference room in the Northville City Hall at 215 West Main Street, Northville, Michigan 48167. For further information please contact the City Assessor at 248-305-2704.

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As of 9/1/14 the City of Northville does not accept passport applications. Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website at for a list of passport acceptance facilities in the area.

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