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 Recycling Guide Brochure

DTE Appliance Recycling Program

In August 2009, DTE Energy began dismantling more than 1,000 old refrigerators turned in by Detroit Edison customers as part of the Your Energy Saving'sSM Appliance Recycling program the company launched in June. The appliances are being dismantled at a newly opened state-of-the-art recycling plant in Livonia.

The Appliance Recycling program offers Detroit Edison customers $50 for their older model refrigerators and freezers and hauls them away for free.

Residential Recycling Collection Program

Curb-side recycling is offered to all residential areas of the City on a weekly basis as part of the City’s Solid Waste Collection Program. 

Recycling Containers

Recycling bins can be purchased from the City of Northville at City Hall.  Please check the current Fee Schedule for cost.  Please add your address to both your recycling bin and lid in permanent marker.

What to Recycle


  • Bundle several at a time with string or strong rubber band

  • Stuff as many as you can in a boxboard box and place in or on top of recycle bin for collection

  • Telephone books


  • Cereal Boxes, shoe boxes, and similar type material. NO FROZEN FOOD BOXES

  • Flatten and stuff as many at a time in a boxboard box and place in or on top of recycle bin

  • Cardboard liquid containers (juice, broth, etc.)


  • Place in brown paper bag or tuck to one side of recycling bin


  • Fold or cut and place in separate brown paper bag or bundle in 2 foot by 2 foot wide bundles

  • Place next to recycle bin

  • No pizza boxes


  • Glass bottles and jars ONLY
  • No ceramics, window glass, broken glass or drinking glasses. Bottles and jars only

PLASTICS 1 thru & 7

  • Look on the bottom for a 1 - 7 in chasing arrows (NO TUBS, CUPS OR TRAYS)

  • Rinse and throw lids in trash - Labels are OK


  • Tin, steel and aluminum cans

  • Lid OFF and place inside of the can


  • Fill the can with kitty litter

  • Leave the lid off the can(s) and allow paint to dry

  • Cans will be picked up at the curb only after the paint is dry


  • Place batteries (sizes AAA, AA, C, and D) in plastic zip lock bag and place in recycle bin.

Questions?  Please call Waste Management at 800-796-9696.




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 The City of Northville, Northville DDA, Northville Parks and Recreation Department, City of Novi, Charter Township of Northville, Hines Park (Wayne County Parks) and Maybury Park (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) collaboratively embarked on the development of a physical connection between Hines and Maybury called “The Link”.

Developing a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding program to assist users in navigating “The Link” was paramount. An informative and visible signage system for the existing connection was developed and set a precedent for growth of a signed network in the area as routes are identified. Click here for a map and more information about “The Link”.

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Is My Property in the City of Northville?  If you are not sure whether the property you are looking up is in the City of Northville, see the Property by Street Address page. 

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson launched an informational page where residents can learn firsthand about the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). Go to and click on the Great Lakes Water Authority link.

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The City offers Automatic Payment for Utility Billing.
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