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Hutton Street Sanitary Sewer Repair Project


Spring 2014

North Wing Street

N. Wing Street between W. Main Street and Randolph Street is scheduled for reconstruction this summer. This roadway will receive new concrete curb, drive approaches and asphalt pavement. Work is expected to begin in July/August with completion expected in October of 2014.

N. Center Street

N. Center Street between 8-Mile Road and S. Ely Drive is scheduled for resurfacing this summer. Work is planned to begin in July and be completed before Labor Day. If the City believes that it cannot complete the improvements to this road before Labor Day, the project will be postponed until the summer of 2015, as improvements to this roadway will not be undertaken when school is in session.

Mill Pond

Engineers have been working on designing repairs to the old Yerkes Pond Dam, now called the Mill Pond Dam. This project will improve the spillway at the bottom of the dam and reface the abutment walls at the top of the dam. Work will take place off of the Mill Race Village property. It is expected to begin in early June and be completed sometime in August, 2014. Weekend activities at the Mill Race Village will not be impacted by this project as no work will be allowed after 3:00pm on Friday until 7:00am on Monday morning. This $140,000 improvement is good news for the Mill Race Village and the Mill Pond.

Hutton Street Improvements

Engineers are designing improvements to the sanitary sewer and road pavement of Hutton Street between Rayson Street and E. Dunlap Street. This project is expected to be bid in April with construction beginning in May, 2014. The roadway will be closed to thru traffic and only open to those that live on it. The project is expected to take approximately 60 days to complete, so it should be reopened in July.

7-Mile Road

The City has received news from Wayne County that they are planning on improving 7-Mile Road from Northville Road to Edenderry. Improvements will include simple crack sealing in some areas and heavy overlays in other areas including the busy intersection of Center Street at 7-Mile. The project is expect to begin as early as April and be completed in mid summer.

8-Mile Road

Oakland County is still planning on improving 8-Mile Road from Beck Road east to Taft Road. This segment of road is part of last year’s project which took place west of Beck Road. Work is not expected to start until after school is out in June, and it should be completed before school begins in September.




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 The City of Northville, Northville DDA, Northville Parks and Recreation Department, City of Novi, Charter Township of Northville, Hines Park (Wayne County Parks) and Maybury Park (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) collaboratively embarked on the development of a physical connection between Hines and Maybury called “The Link”.

Developing a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding program to assist users in navigating “The Link” was paramount. An informative and visible signage system for the existing connection was developed and set a precedent for growth of a signed network in the area as routes are identified. Click here for a map and more information about “The Link”.

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Is My Property in the City of Northville?  If you are not sure whether the property you are looking up is in the City of Northville, see the Property by Street Address page. 

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson launched an informational page where residents can learn firsthand about the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). Go to and click on the Great Lakes Water Authority link.

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