A recap of the March 16, 2020 City Council meeting
Posted on 03/18/2020
Road projects awarded for 2020 construction season

Congratulations extended
At the start of the meeting, Police Chief Alan Maciag introduced Council to the newly appointed Sgt. Andrew Kirby, who was promoted from officer to sergeant of road patrol. The role was last held by Mathew Clemence, who recently retired.

MainCentre Parking deck – Council received and filed a special assessment (Roll #2019-1) prepared by the assessor as the next step to prompt Singh, the owner and manager of Main Centre apartments and retail/office space, to pay for its share of public improvements to the MainCentre parking deck. At the request of Singh, Council agreed to postpone a public hearing on the special assessment (Roll #2019-1) until April 21 after the company took legal action in Wayne County Circuit Court to prevent paying the special assessment. The extension allows for discussion between the City and Singh over payment of public improvements on the lower level, a gated parking section used exclusively by MainCentre tenants.

Traffic control order– With new residences being built on the site of the former Main Street School, Police Chief Alan Maciag sought a change in parking limits. Council approved a request to rescind traffic control order 91-03 to remove the signs stating “No Parking 10-minute loading/unloading zone” (previously used for drop off and pick-up of kids at the school). Additionally, council approved traffic control order 20-01, which continues the no-parking zone on the north side of the street (from Linden Street to the area of 514 W. Main).

Household Hazardous Waste Collection – A four-year contract with Environmental Recycling Group (ERG) was approved by Council to offer year-round collection (weekdays) at its Livonia location for citizens to drive up and drop-off waste materials, and to conduct one annual local household hazardous waste collection at City Yard (Aug. 29). The per-car price for this service will be $51.50 in 2020, $54.50 in 2021, $57.00 in 2022 and $60 for 2023 – all with a 225 car minimum. The price is about $5 less per vehicle if residents drop off waste materials at the ERG site at 13040 Merriman, Livonia. There is a 100 lb. limit per drop off. (Given the cost of the program, which is free to residents, the City may limit trips to the ERG site.)

DPW to get new plow truck – City Council agreed to the purchase of a new single-axel dump/snow plow truck with a 2021 International Chassis from Tri County International Trucks ($83,919) and a service/dump body built by Shultz Equipment ($99,975) for a total cost of $183,894. The new truck, which will take several months to build, replaces a failed older model slated for replacement in 2021. The DPW choice was based on bids submitted to Mideal (State of Michigan) and Sourcewell Co-Op Purchasing Group (a national purchasing co-op).

Ford Field storm water pipe repair – A storm water pipe leading from Hutton to the base of Ford Field was causing flooding and damage to the ground and field due to leakage from the damaged pipe. Additionally, it created a large void behind the rock retaining wall at Ford Field. Viewing the pipe interior through the sewer camera showed several areas of joint separation. DPW went through the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner bidding process to select D’Angelo Brothers Inc. of Livonia, which bid $39,808 to do the repair and construction work. Council approved this choice. The company will use a directional bore method and insert new pipe into the existing pipe to create a new sealed conduit for flow. This process will save trees and limit disruption to Ford Field. The other option was to remove and replace the pipe, which would have resulted in felling several trees and potentially harming the foundation of Hutton St.

Road/sewer and water main projects approved by City Council for 2020 construction year  

1) Nagle Paving, Inc., of Novi, was awarded the contract to repair water and sanitary sewer lines and repave the streets after those infrastructure repairs are completed with their bid of $1,820,805 – the lowest among eight (8) bids. The project includes approximately 2.44 lane miles of road reconstruction and the removal and replacement of 675 linear feet of water main and 700 linear feet of sanitary sewer. Six streets will be repaired during this construction project: Summerside Lane, Larry Drive, High Street, Grace Street, Grace Court, and West Cady Street.

2) Low bidder Nagle Paving was awarded the contract to complete approximately two (2) miles of road reconstruction for a total cost of $1,491,595. The roads are Stanstead Road, Allen Drive, Potomac St., and N. Rogers.

3) The company was also awarded the project to perform mill and fill work on 1.87 miles of surface on Sheri Lane, Coldspring and Spring Drive. Their bid of $757,400 came in 14% lower than the second lowest bidder.

4) Water main replacement program – Bidigare Contractors, of Plymouth Twp., was awarded the contract for the 2020 Water Main Replacement program in the amount of $718,210 – a bid that was 26% lower than the second low bidder.

Council communications

Council member Barbara Moroski-Browne thanked City Manager Pat Sullivan for his leadership during planning and implementation of the COVID-19 response at City Hall.

Mayor Brian Turnbull read his statement that detailed the City’s response to the pandemic and encouraged citizens to take it seriously and take care of themselves and those who need assistance during this extraordinary time. (Read letter on website.)

There were no public comments.

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