A recap of the June 17, 2019 meeting
Posted on 06/19/2019
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.Award Presentation – Captain Dustin Krueger was publicly commended for being voted “Police Officer of the Year” by his peers for doing an outstanding job in 2018. During that time, he served as acting police chief for approximately five months. Police Chief Alan Maciag presented Krueger’s accomplishments to City Council. Mayor Ken Roth congratulated Krueger and bestowed a plaque and certificate. Pictures were taken with City Council members; fellow police officers; and with his family.

Resolution of support for the Rouge Valley Sewer System – City Council abided by Wayne County’s request for this resolution, which eases the path for the County to apply for a low-interest loan from the state’s revolving fund. Money is being sought to prevent storm water infiltration into the sanitary sewer system, which draws from more than a dozen communities, including Northville. City Attorney Bob Marzano provided background on the request and said this problem has a long history. Council member Nancy Darga said she recalls that massive sanitary sewers were installed in several cities in Wayne County and asked why those structures haven’t alleviated the problem. More investigation will be conducted by the City attorney to make sure that Northville is getting a fair deal related to any pending project.

Emergency Notification – Police Chief Alan Maciag informed City Council about plans to use Nixle Engage, at a cost of $3,500 annually, rather than continue with the free but limited current Nixle service. The subscription will allow critical information, such as a boil water advisory, to reach the public faster, either via text or email alerts. People will be asked to opt in for the emergency notification service.

Fireworks – It was the second reading of a change to the fireworks ordinance (chapter 54, Article VI), which was approved by City Council. The amendment reduces the number of days and limits the times that fireworks can be set off by individuals around major holidays. The ordinance becomes effective on June 28 applies to the 4th of July holiday. It allows fireworks to be set off only from 11 a.m. until 11:45 p.m. from June 29 to July 4 and from 11 a.m. until 11:45 p.m. on Friday, July 5. Fines will be doubled, from $500 to $1,000.

FY 2019 Budget amendments – City Council approved amendments to the budget after moving the item to new business at the request of a resident.
Council Member Patrick Giesa volunteered to serve at the Mayor’s behest on the Election Commission, a role that he also took on last year. The Election Commission consists of the City Clerk, City Attorney, and a member of City Council who is not a candidate for elective office during that election term.

Public comments – Barbara Morowski Brown, of 116 High St., asked that certain amended budget items be pulled from the consent agenda for further discussion. The mayor agreed and placed her request as new business. Brown questioned the increase in legal fees for the past year and asked for more detail. She questioned whether there is enough budgeted for planning and zoning, considering new development such as the Downs proposal. Thirdly, she asked that the City step up recycling at City restaurants and other businesses. The mayor responded that the City is looking into a partnership with other area communities to operate a controlled facility for recyclables. Currently, the City has a long-term contract with Waste Management that provides for sufficient recycling even though the market has shrunk for recycled materials bought by China. Brown was directed to meet with the City manager to discuss the budget matters.

Council communications – Nancy Darga said the upcoming Arts and Acts event is this weekend, June 21-23, in downtown Northville, and encouraged people to attend.

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