A recap of the Jan. 21, 2020 City Council meeting
Posted on 01/23/2020
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.

The Fire Dept. received approval to purchase the second phase of its turn-out gear, consisting of 60 helmets (with Fire Dept. shield painted on) and 80 pairs of gloves. These items are being purchased for a total cost of $22,307 from Dinges Fire Company ($14,037 for all helmets), Detroit Shields ($30 each for painted metal helmet shields) and Phoenix Safety Outfitters ($74 per pair of gloves).

On a prior acquisition of 77 new Motorola radios purchased through a federal grant in December, a one-time activation fee is required, which was not covered by the grant. City Council approved payment of $250 per radio, $19,250 total to Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS), which maintains the network of infrastructure for digital communications statewide.

Council communications
Mayor Brian Turnbull thanked the scouts for their attendance and assistance at the City Council meeting (they carried in the color flags) and thanked volunteers who served on the boards and commissions.

Council Member Barbara Moroski-Browne expressed appreciation to Joseph Corriveau for becoming the new member of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

Council Member Marilyn Price provided an update on Northville Youth Network, which she represents as a City Council liaison. NYN is refocusing on middle-school aged kids rather than high school kids with its programming since they’ve found it to be more effective with the younger age group. As an example, she noted that middle-schoolers have done well at the summer camp program that helps prepare students for the transition to sixth grade.

There were no public comments. 

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