City Council approves two new sanitary sewer projects
Posted on 06/17/2020
City Hall

Highlights of the June 15 meeting

Moratorium on marihuana establishment
s – City Council agreed to extend for one year, until June 30, 2021, an amendment to Chapter 18 of the City Code of Ordinances that prohibits marihuana establishments within the City limits. During that one-year extension period, Council will study the economic aspects and gather community input.

Sewer repairs approved – Two new sanitary sewer projects will soon get underway following City Council approval to spend $197,694 with a contingency of 15% for work awarded to DVM Utilities, the low bidder. The first project is a new sewer lining at E. Main and Novi Road to secure the infrastructure and provide years of additional service to homes along Allen Drive and Novi Street. The second project involves replacing pipe at an existing 12” clay sanitary sewer line under E. Main just east of Griswold. The sanitary sewer collapsed there previously and an emergency repair was made in December 2017.  At that time other sections of the pipe were identified that potentially could also collapse (due to fracturing) and were in need of replacement. Rowe Professional Services Company assisted the City in the design and construction engineering plans to correct the deficiencies for these two projects.

From the consent agenda:
Planning Commission members Thomas Barry, Andrew Krenz, and Donna Tinberg were reappointed to new terms, which expire June 30, 2023. Tinberg was also reappointed as the Planning Commission member to the Board of Zoning Appeals, through June 30, 2023.

Northville Arts Commission members Linda Liedel and Elizabeth Oliver were reappointed to new terms through June 30, 2023.

Council communications 

Mayor Brian Turnbull spoke favorably about the peaceful rallies in downtown Northville on Friday and Saturday. He signed a mayor’s commitment for “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance” on behalf of the City and Police Department regarding the police use of force policy and other procedures that promote goodwill between the department and community. (View website here.)

Barbara Moroski-Browne said she was inspired by the speakers and organization of the public rallies. She commended Police Chief Alan Maciag for his presence in “leading to protect” the protesters in their march through town.

There were no public comments.

View the video here.