Board of Review

Purpose and Composition

The Board of Review hears tax assessment appeals. 

The Board of Review consists of three regular members and one alternate member. Members must be a City resident for a minimum of two years, and a registered elector. Members serve three-year terms and are appointed by City Council.  For more information about the Board of Review, contact the City Assessor at 248-305-2704.  

Meeting location
Northville City Hall, 215 W. Main St.
Public invited to attend

Agendas and minutes
Current agenda and minutes available on the agenda and minutes webpage
Archived minutes available here 

2024 meeting dates
March 5
March 11
March 12
July 16
December 10
* Please call for meeting times: (248-349-1300 X2704)

Current member list
Member  Term
Janice Cantelon 1-1-25
Maureen Ryan
Elizabeth Zaenger
Carol Schrauben, Alternate

Governing documents
City Charter (Chapter 9)
PA 206 of 1893 - General Tax Act