Election Commission

Purpose and Composition

The Election Commission is responsible for appointing the Board of Election Inspectors for each precinct, and for those activities and duties required of the Commission by Michigan Election Law and City Charter relating to the conduct of elections in the city.  

The Commission consists of three members, which include the City Clerk and City Attorney.  The City Clerk is the chairperson of the Election Commission.  A Council member not running for office is appointed by City Council to serve. For more information, contact the City Clerk

Meeting location
Northville City Hall, 215 W. Main St.
Public welcome to attend

Agendas and minutes
Current agenda and minutes available on the Agenda and Minutes webpage
Archived minutes available here

2024 meeting dates
[meeting dates and times scheduled as needed]

Current member list
Michael Smith
City Clerk, Chair

Anthony Chubb
City Attorney

Laura Genitti

Governing documents
City Charter
Michigan Election Law (PA 116 of 1954 as amended)