Northville Youth Network

Purpose and Composition

Northville Youth Network (NYN) Commission acts as an advisory board to the NYN programs and services, serves as the liaison between the citizens of the community and the NYN program, and advocates for youth and families to the community's governmental bodies.

The Commission is comprised of nine members that include three City residents, three Township residents, one City Council member, one Township Board member, and one School Board member.  City resident members must be a two-year resident of the City of Northville, a qualified elector, and have demonstrated tangible evidence of their interest in Northville youth.  Members serve three-year terms, and are appointed by their respective governmental body.  Liaison members are appointed by their governmental bodies according to their procedures.  For more information contact the Northville Youth Network Director at 248-344-1618 or visit the Northville Youth Network website.

Meeting location
Northville Community Center, 303 W. Main St.
Public invited to attend

Agendas and minutes
Current agenda and meeting minutes available here
Archived minutes available here

2024 meeting dates
Generally, meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 8 a.m.
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Current member list

Member Term
City Members
Marianne Barry, Vice Chair 12-31-26 
Michael Kelly, Chair
Caarin Kogut 12-31-24
Andrew Krenz, Council Liaison  
Laura Genitti, Council Liaison Alt  
Township Members
Danielle Pine
Amy Knoth, Finance Chair  
Sherrie S. Winfield
Cynthia Jankowski, Township Liaison
Northville School District
Beth Santer  
Amy Prevo, Director

Governing documents
Northville Youth Network By Laws (formerly Youth Assistance)