Goals for Fiscal Year
City Council goals, objectives, and priorities for FY 2018-2019

High Priority

Long-Term Financial Stability
• Continuation of the long-term fiscal and financial stability efforts outlined in the City Manager’s report dated January 11, 2018.
• Complete the consultant’s financial review and implement plan for long-term funding of highest priority needs.
• Determine and implement the Cemetery Maintenance Fund investment plan.

• Continue to improve and expand city-wide communications.
• Complete the website redesign project and implement more self-serve options (fillable forms, online payments, etc.) and implement a searchable zoning ordinance.
• New website rollout should include the development of a process for Department Heads to create and maintain communications for their areas. Content should be current.
• Explore having a YouTube channel on the website to show snippets of parades and other City events. This might generate interest in the community and increase attendance at events.

Boards and Commission Training
• Implement regular training for City Council, and all Boards and Commissions, with emphasis on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Open Meetings Act (OMA), and Board standards and conflicts.
• Implement operational detail training for specific boards, such as Historic District Commission training on standards, Planning Commission training on new urban planning and design.

Medium Priority

Manager/Department Evaluations
• Implementation of evaluation/annual review of the City Manager based on progress toward accomplishment of goals identified by City Council and Departments.

Water and Sewer System Improvements

• Continue efforts to detect water loss and continue to monitor the City’s water control to meet City Council established goal of 15% or less water loss.
• Include a water meter replacement program as part of the City’s capital improvement plan as aging meters are likely contributing to the reasons water loss remains at 20%.
• Continue to remain current with the commitments to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to clean 20% of the City’s sanitary sewer system each year to comply with Abatement Order No. 2096. To minimize the possibility of sanitary sewer backups in the City, efforts to clean 50% of the City’s sanitary sewers should continue.
• Continue to partner with Wayne County and several other neighboring communities to design a Long Term Corrective Action Plan for sanitary sewer excess flow as required under Final Order of Abatement 2096 with MDEQ. Construction of sewer system improvements should occur in 2019/20.

Downtown Strategic Plan/Preservation of Downtown Funding
• Implement the 2017 Strategic Plan recommendations.
• Complete installation of Phase II of the Wayfinding project.
• Continue to monitor efforts in Lansing that would reduce or eliminate the DDA and TIFA funding mechanisms and work with our legislators to mitigate any negative impact on downtown Northville.
• Review Cady Street density with the Planning Commission.
• Develop a plan for Wing Street property next to the Post Office, and issue a Request for Proposal if appropriate.

Street, Sidewalk, and Bike Path Improvements
• Continue with street improvements.
• Continue with non-motorized pathway opportunities.

Future City Hall and Fire Station Repairs/Renovations

• The City is working with a local architect on plans for future repairs and renovations to City Hall. The plans and cost estimates will be included in the City’s comprehensive financial analysis.
• Evaluate the long-term needs of the Fire Department. The evaluation would address the location of the Fire Station building, sufficient space to store the ladder truck, parking for paid on-call firefighters when responding to emergency calls for service, etc. The Fire Chief or consultant should do an analysis to determine the Fire Department needs, and to determine if the Fire Station location needs to be addressed. The evaluation should be done before issuing Requests for Proposals for City-owned property.)

Community Groups
• Work with the Chamber of Commerce, DDA, and non-profits to develop more robust relationships with the entities that impact the City.
• Schedule short presentations from various community groups to improve the understanding of the contributions these groups make to the City (i.e. Northville Historical Society, Art House, Beautification Commission). This could be done under “presentations” at a Council meeting.

Development and Redevelopment Issues
• Continue to reduce steps to make application processes less burdensome on developers.
• Amend the Master Plan to allow for first-floor residential for redeveloped properties adjacent to the downtown.
• Work on revisions to the Cady Street Overlay zoning district and rezoning the McDonald Ford property to be consistent with the Master Plan.
• Review Cady Street density with the Planning Commission.
• Develop a plan for Wing Street property next to the Post Office, and issue a Request for Proposal, if appropriate.

Ford Field Improvements
• Develop a plan with Parks and Recreation for Ford Field improvements, such as the play structure and other infrastructure, including restrooms.

Cemetery Build-Out

• Complete the Phase 2 expansion of Rural Hill Cemetery.

Energy Efficiencies and Green Initiatives
• Improve the City’s energy efficiencies. Consider retaining a consultant or establishing a committee to analyze the City’s current carbon footprint. The report would include recommendations on short-term/long-term goals to meet a set target date for all City Departments to be 100% carbon neutral. Objectives would include: purchase electric vehicles, turn off computers and office lights, LED office lighting, purchase wind systems, purchase solar systems, and have Department Heads identify carbon-neutral opportunities.

Lower Priority

Retaining the Retail Operation of the Northville Post Office within the Central Business District
• The Post Office building’s current lease expired in 2017. Continue to work with the United States Postal Service to express support for keeping the Post Office in the downtown.
• Future land use of the City-owned property was addressed in the Community Master Plan update. Move forward with intent to issue an RFP for the City-owned land south of the Post Office.

Projects on Hold
Mill Pond Improvements/Watershed Enhancements
• On hold due to lack of available funding sources. Staff will continue to monitor funding opportunities.