New voting equipment
Posted on 10/25/2017
When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017, they will use new voting equipment that makes it easier and more secure to cast a ballot. The units, purchased using federal and state funds, replace machines that are 12 years old.

The new voting unit has a touch screen scanner with easy-to-follow directions. Voters will still mark a paper ballot using a blue or black pen. They will fill in the box instead of an oval next to their choice. When the ballot is complete, the voter will deliver it to a new tabulator, which confirms the vote with a picture of an American flag and the message “Your vote has been recorded. Thank you for voting.”

The new equipment uses digital optical scan technology to count the paper ballots, which can also be recounted manually if necessary. The new equipment automatically transmits election results electronically to the county. It is not connected to the internet.

There is also a voter assist terminal for voters with physical disabilities (hearing, visual, physical or other conditions) that enable them to vote using a touch screen, sip and puff device, or a controller.

View this video produced by the Oakland County Clerk’s office to see how the new equipment works.