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If you missed an article or want to print an issue (or part of it), you'll find it here. You can search by date. To do so, use the last two digits of the year, followed by month and day. A zero precedes days and months from 1-9 (single digits), e.g. search for Jan. – Sept. by using 01 (Jan)-09 (Sept.). Months October through December are 10-12. For days, add a zero before numbers 1-9. For example, August 7, 2018 would be 180807, Oct. 15, 2017 would be 171015. City News comes out every Thursday unless it's a holiday, then it either comes out a day earlier or later. 

When our search engine is fully implemented, you will be able to search within the files by a name, event (address, venue), or subject matter (e.g. snow removal, leaf pickup or leaves, assessment, elections). 

With archived issues, some links will not be functional.