Ten new units enhance infrastructure
Posted on 02/17/2022
This new EV charging station is in the parking lot at Main and Wing.New EV charging stations have been installed in Downtown Northville as part of a contract between the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Red E Charging, LLC, of Detroit.

Level 2 charging stations (four each) are located at the lower level of the Cady Street parking deck and at the Northville Square parking lot near the parking deck ramp, and two units have replaced those installed in 2018 at the surface parking lot at Wing and Main.

“We’re really excited to have these new charging stations,” said Lori Ward, DDA director. “As part of the city’s enhanced EV infrastructure, they will fill a growing need in the region to be able to charge electric vehicles faster.”

The DDA was paying approximately $4,000 annually to provide free EV charging. The five-year contract allows the DDA to retain an annual cost sharing of 3.4% of the revenue generated.

To fuel an EV vehicle, the energy cost is $1.50 compared to $2.76 per gallon for an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, according to the Dept. of Energy’s eGallon website. On average, it costs about 50% less to drive an electric vehicle, according to the website.

With a charging speed of 19.2 kW, it takes two to four hours for a full charge. On average, according to the company, customers spend one to two hours in the area while their vehicle is charging.

The new EV charging stations can be found on many online locator sites, such as PlugShare and ChargeHub. Signs are being made for the spaces denoting they are for active charging only with a three-hour maximum. Non-EVs are not permitted to park in the spaces.

Photo by Lori Ward.