Planning Commission meeting recap Nov. 19, 2019
Posted on 11/22/2019
Concept drawing of mixed-use building on Cady St.In response to residents’ comments gathered through the Residential Home Massing survey conducted in late 2018, the Planning Commission has been researching, deliberating, and drafting ordinance amendments to better coordinate the size of new single-family and two-family homes with the size of the lot.

They conducted a Public Hearing on Nov. 19 to obtain citizens’ opinions of a new Floor Area Ratio (FAR) ordinance.

Next step for FAR ordinance
Commissioners tabled adoption of a proposed FAR ordinance until the next meeting on Dec. 3. At that time, in response to citizen comments, City Planner Sally Elmiger will show graphics of how the proposed ordinance would coordinate with other regulations on different sized lots, particularly smaller houses on smaller lots. On those plans, it would also show the front porch/rear garage ordinance requirements. In addition, Elmiger will provide a count of the number of undersized lots in R-1B and R-2 zoning districts.

Conceptual review of mixed use complex on Cady Street
Greg Presley, local architect; and Chris Alexander, of Watermark Residential, of Indianapolis; presented a conceptual plan for a mixed-use complex (apartments, office space, retail and restaurants) along Cady St. between Griswold and S. Center.

The project team asked for and received feedback from the commissioners and the public. Some of the favorable comments were for the proposed underground water retention basin, underground parking, additional streets and stepped-back design (4 stories overall, with two to three-stories at street level.) Some of the negative reactions concerned narrow streets, traffic congestion and safety issues, impact of office use on evening street activity, and whether the project meets the needs of senior residents and young families.

The developer will consider this feedback prior to returning with a formal application.