Budget resolution approved
Posted on 05/23/2024
City Hall is where City Council meetings are held.City Council recap of May 20 meeting

Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Moroski-Browne filled in for Mayor Brian Turnbull, who had an excused absence.

FY 2024/2025 budget – Following a public hearing on the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 budget, Council approved the resolution for the budget with a General Fund of $10,049,611. The total city millage for operating, debt and improvements was approved at 15.2138 mills in 2024. That compares to 15.3753 mills levied in 2023 – a decrease of 0.1615 mills or 1.05%.

Amendments to fees, fines and penalties – Council approved updates to the fee schedule, recommended by the city manager, including changes to the water and sewer rates and solid waste disposal. The residential and commercial solid waste fees are increasing to $50.50 bi-monthly and will take effect July 1. Bills mailed in June will reflect a prorated amount of the old and new rate. Changes to the water and sewer charges will take effect June 1. The new rates will appear on the August utility bills, which will cover the service period of June and July. The new rates will include a fixed Ready to Serve billing item.

River Park contingencies – Council agreed to allocate $100,000 for a general contingency for consultant services contracts related to the River Park. The contingency funds will be applied to the relevant contracts as expenses are realized and those costs will be reimbursed from ARPA funds designated for the River Park. Any remaining contingency funds will be reallocated to future park construction costs.

Environmental and geotechnical contract for River Park – The developer of the Downs property chose Soils and Materials Testing, Inc. (SME) from Plymouth, MI, to provide environmental and geotechnical soils and materials testing in the River Park. This $141,700 contract, between the city and SME, will advance the work required to develop the land into the River Park. This agreement was needed since the developer currently owns the property but will convert ownership to the city once the park is completed. ARPA funds will be applied to this contract.

Public comment:
The following citizens made comments in person
Andrew Daily: 333 Cady St.
Jeff Snyder: 508 Gardner
Tim Hasse: 966 Springfield Ct.
Cindy Brazen: 370 Fairbrook
Ed Brazen: 370 Fairbrook

Comments via email
Stephanie Bailey, Northville resident, no address given
Lenore Lewandowski, 119 Randolph 

Consent agenda item of note:
Amerman Elementary School currently serves as Precinct 2 for voters. Beginning with the Aug. 6 Primary Election, Precinct 2 will be located at Hillside Middle School, 775 N. Center St. Registered voters who live in the Precinct 2 area (Oakland County) will receive new Voter ID cards in the mail in June, reflecting the voting location change.

Council communication
Council Member John Carter congratulated all the graduates from Northville middle schools and high schools. He said he is proud of the way the city and council handled the budget and are able to fund several top priorities for the community. He also explained the funding mechanism for daylighting the river.

Council Member John Krenz underscored some of the financial benefits associated with the daylighting of the river, noting there’s no tax burden to Northville residents, there’s no threat to city solvency, and the bond allows the city to finish the park if the developer fails to complete it, without any cost to the city.

Council Member Laura Genitti said Northville is growing at a rapid rate and some structures need to be put in place.

Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Moroski-Browne said she enjoyed last Saturday’s Coffee with Council at Toria. She said the most frequent topic brought up was dust from demolition of buildings at The Downs. She asked George to address that.

City Manager George Lahanas said he will ask the OHM contractor to visit the site more frequently to make sure that water is being applied to various work areas as the structures are being torn down. The city’s new building inspector will be on the site regularly when he starts in the coming weeks. The city manager also plans to contact the EGLE official who residents say was on the site to obtain details regarding reports of excessive dust.

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