COVID-19 news and a look at historic homes
Posted on 07/30/2020
Mayor Brian Turnbull Northvillians,

You have probably seen signs around the Ville about “FAR” and the number 0.36. Over the past two years, the Planning Commission has thoughtfully debated and spoken about lot coverage and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) as it relates to homes being built and their “footprint coverage” vs. lot size. Public hearings, seminars and informational gatherings have been conducted, and the Planning Commission has now given a recommendation to City Council.

Historically, the ordinance states that a house footprint cannot be more than 30% of the property. What has been researched, discussed and debated is a total FAR percentage based on lot size, with the recommendation of 0.36. Additionally, City Council is reviewing a secondary but related suggestion to provide incentives for front porches and rear detached garages. For more information, please go to the City website and download the July 20 presentation titled Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Analysis Presentation to Council.

A few years ago, Plymouth approved a “FAR” along with other communities. The Council has already had one FAR ordinance reading with much public comment, and we will have another public discussion on August 3. With homes on the minds of Northvillians, I thought it would be interesting to look back on some of the significant estates that have graced our town, to give us a historical perspective.

One of my favorites is the Rogers family estate (Charles Rogers patented condensed milk and early on had a factory close to where Rogers and 7 Mile are today). Their estate is known today as Shiro’s Restaurant, located just outside the Northville boundaries on 9 Mile and Novi Road. Another significant home close to Northville was the Chase Mansion on Griswold and 8 Mile. It was replaced after a fire, and in its later stages was occupied by Cadillac Dealer Don Massey. Today, it serves as the Living and Learning Enrichment Center.

And high atop the hill in the vicinity of Hillside School sat the Buchner Mansion (east of the Swim Club). The view from the tower windows was magnificent; I toured it when it was a convalescent center. Local legend has it that one could see both Detroit and Ann Arbor, with a view of the entire topography of Northville from its perch.

The Fish Hatchery superintendent’s home, which sits across from Fish Hatchery Park next to the pond on 7 Mile, is a classic Victorian, bringing back memories of years gone by. The Yerkes Home that is in Mill Race Village (which was moved from Cady and Church Street) is another great example of homes that give this community its “Heritage and Victorian” flair.

There are so many significant homes in the Ville! Hopefully, you get a feel of how unique and special our town is, certainly deserving of being called our “Hamlet in the Hills” and the “Switzerland of Wayne County.”

COVID-19 update
I thank you all for your community support by masking up, social distancing and most importantly, reaching out to those in need (Civic Concern, seniors, youth, local businesses, family and friends).
● COVID-19: Northville has had 49 cases/7 fatalities, the Township has 191 cases/25 fatalities, Michigan 88,000 cases/6,500 fatalities, and the Nation has 4.4 million cases/151,000 fatalities. Globally there are 16.6 million cases/657,000 fatalities. Testing and contact tracing continue to be one of the best ways to contain the spread. One in five Covid-19 cases are in the age bracket of 25-34 years old.
● Treatment and vaccine research from 25 pharmaceutical organizations look promising!
● My commitment continues to keep you connected and safe, while having open communication.

Roads – Great progress has been made on the 14 City road projects for all Northvillians.

Please take the Master Plan Survey! Help shape the City of Northville's future – the survey will help guide the redevelopment of the Racetrack, Cady St./Cady Town, and south Center St.

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Continue to enjoy your summer in the Ville and stroll Ford Field, Mill Race Village and Downtown.

Keep that Northville Faith!
Stay #NorthvilleStrong!

Brian Turnbull
Mayor – Northville / 248.505.6849