Proposed Redevelopment Projects

Poole's Tavern (building alteration)

157 E. Main Street LLC 

Project Name
Poole's Tavern 

Project Location
157 E. Main Street

The project is an existing restaurant/tavern proposed to be altered to provide a larger kitchen and to add open air rooftop dining, and egress from roof deck dining.  Update 12/8/20:  This project will be on a future PC and HDC meeting in 2021.     

Site Plan Application Submission (submitted 11/18/2020)
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Site Plan
Proposed Division
Historic District Commission Application (submitted 11/18/2020)
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HDC Application
Site Plan
Proposed Division

Center Street Wealth Strategies (New Building)

Center Street Wealth Strategies 

Project Name
Center Street Wealth Strategies (new building)

Project Location
224 S. Main Street

The project contains two lots, both with a single-family home. The site plan is proposing to remove the building at the northwest corner of S. Main St. and Beal, and replace it with a 3,171 square foot, two-story office building. Access to the parking lot will be off of Beal St. The other single-family home will remain for the time being.  Professional offices/services are permitted uses in this district.

Condominiums and restaurant could be

‘new kid on the block’ on N. Center

A new three-story building is being proposed at 156 N. Center to house a first-floor restaurant and seven condominium units, some of which would be built over the Tuscan Café next door at 150 N. Center. Preliminary site plans were presented to the Planning Commission at its June 2 online meeting by architect Robert Miller, representing the applicant R. Kuredjian, 156 N. Center LLC.

The architectural drawings show units ranging from 579 square feet to 1,341 square feet with balconies. The restaurant would have space for outdoor dining. The commission expressed concerns about the following items:

• parking (number of overnight spaces in public lot behind the building, parking counts at lunchtime and on

• small size of two of the units (579 and 600 ft2) – which fail to meet the ordinance. (Miller said those units could
potentially be combined into one larger unit.) 

• no main entry door directly facing N. Center. (The main door faces Dunlap.)  

The applicant intends to pursue 10.8 parking credits and locate a loading space behind the building, noting the applicant would work with the DDA on improvements to the public lot entry drive and possible loading zone on Dunlap St.

The proposed building is in the Historic District; the addition on the back of the Tuscan Café building would need to be demolished. In keeping with the historical significance of the site, which formerly housed the City’s Opera House, the plans contain design elements that reflect the elegance of the former building. The project cost is estimated at $3.35 million.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at its July 7 meeting for the upper story residential units, which are a Special Land Use in the Central Business District. 

3-story brick building with large windows
  Photo courtesy of Greg Presley.
3/18/2020 Historic District Commission Meeting
6/17/2020 Historic District Commission Meeting
7/7/2020 Planning Commission Meeting

Watermark Apartment/Retail Buildings

Watermark Residential 

Project Name
Watermark Apartment/Retail Buildings

Project Location
South side of Cady Street, will encompass all of the vacant property along the street frontage between S. Center Street and Griswold. 

Note:  Prior to 8/16/19, certain documents pertaining to Watermark Apartments are included in the NV Downs / Hunter Pasteur PUD submission (below).   

HDC Submission for Conceptual Discussion - Watermark Residential (1/16/19 HDC Meeting)
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Watermark Residential is seeking input from the Historic District Commission at the 1/16/19 meeting.  They are not requesting any type of formal approval.

Historic District Commission Application - Conceptual Discussion
Conceptual Design dated 11/9/18
Carlisle/Wortman Memo dated 1/9/19
Conceptual Discussion - 11/19/19 Planning Commission Meeting (Meeting Location is Community Center, 303 W. Main)
November 19, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting Location
The meeting will be held at 7pm at the Community Center (Banquet Room), 303 W. Main Street. 

Watermark Residential has requested time with the Planning Commission to discuss a concept plan, and gather the Planning Commission's general comments. This is not a formal procedure, but an informal discussion.    

NOTE: Some documents are large in size and may take additional time to download

Cover memo received 10/30/19
Color sketch received 10/30/19
Carlisle/Wortman review 11/13/19
Watermark Powerpoint Presentation - 11/19/19 Planning Commission Meeting

The Downs - Planned Unit Development

Hunter Pasteur Northville LLC  [applicant withdrew project 8/16/19]

Project Name
The Downs Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Project Location
Vacant parcels on the south side of Cady Street (between S. Center and Griswold), the Northville Downs racetrack property south of Cady Street (between S. Center St. and River St.), and two areas on the west side of S. Center Street.

Planned Unit Development Process
Flowchart of the City of Northville's PUD Process

Returning PUD Eligibility - submitted 3/26/19 (PC Meeting held 4/16/19)
Hunter Pasteur Homes PUD Withdrawal Letter - dated 8/16/19