Following are the Rural Hill Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

Printer Friendly Rules and Regulations

1. All lot sales are to be handled by the City of Northville or their approved representative.

2. All lots or graves must be paid in full at the time of selection.

3. No burial will be made on any grave that is not paid in full.

4. Transfer of ownership or burial rights must be recorded with the cemetery. There will be a Deed Transfer fee.

5. Costs for opening and closing graves is to be paid to the cemetery by the family or funeral home before the service.

6. All foundation work for memorials will be done by the cemetery or its representative. All foundations  have a 2-inch margin around the memorial.

7. All foundation or installation costs must be paid before memorials are delivered to the cemetery.

8. All 4-inch thick memorials will be placed flush with the ground.

9. Memorials must face the direction that the section calls for.

10. No memorials may be placed on grave sites that are not paid in full.

11. All planting of shrubs or trees must first be approved with the cemetery.

12. Curbing, fencing, or wood ties around graves or lots are not permitted.

13. Raised graves are not permitted.

14. Crushed stone or wood chips are not permitted around memorials, trees, or shrubs.

15. Planting full-length on graves or lots is not permitted.

16. All flower beds are to be in front of memorial.

17. Rosebushes are not permitted.

18. Any plantings, shrubs, or trees wrongfully placed will be removed by the cemetery without notice.

19. Unsightly flower containers, balloons, pumpkins, Christmas trees, and other decorations that interfere with normal cemetery maintenance will be removed by the cemetery.

20. Winter grave blankets and wreaths are permitted Nov. 15 to March 1. Anyone wishing to save their grave blankets or wreaths should remove them prior to March 1st.

21. Scattering of cremains is not permitted.

22. All cremains are to be buried and recorded by the City of Northville or its authorized representative.

23. Cemetery hours are sunrise to sunset.

24. Urns that are not used for one season will be removed from the lot and stored at the DPW Yard. Urns must be claimed within one year.

25. Unused graves may be bought back by the City of Northville at the original purchase price. If that price is unknown, the City will purchase them for $50 per grave.

26. Authorization for burials on lots for anyone other than the owner must be provided in writing and filed with the cemetery records.

27. Placement of benches must be approved by the cemetery sexton.

28. Only one (1) upright memorial may be placed on any grave.

29. Up to four (4) cremations are permitted in one (1) grave.

30. When more than one (1) interment is made in a single grave, one (1) upright and one (1) flush memorial combination will be allowed.

31. Cremation burial is permitted on top of existing burial. Memorial may not exceed Rule #30.

32. Trash containers in the cemetery are to be used only for rubbish generated in the cemetery.

33. Unleashed pets are not permitted in the cemetery.

34. Flags placed on graves are permitted Memorial Day through Independence Day.

35. Horses, snowmobiles, motor bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, or other types of recreational vehicles are not permitted in the cemetery.

36. Alcohol of any kind is not permitted on cemetery grounds.